AHM NUMBAH WAN - Hugo USF4 thread


Well, since Poison and Elena already have their threads I figured hey, why not make one for the big guy. Any hopes/wishes for the character? Will he be doomed to bottom tier status? What say you SRK?


I think it is obvious why Poison and Elena have their own threads (eye candy?) and Hugo doesn’t. Hell even Rolento doesn’t, and I’m sure he is going to easily be the most played character out of these four. Anyways with Hugo’s massive frame he is going to need armor on a ton of his moves to be able to get in.


Are you saying Hugo isn’t eye candy?


super hyped to play some hugo! out of all the newbies he is defo the one im looking forward to the most.

judging from the trailer he is going to be reaaaallly slow so that means shit footsies and getting zoned out all day so i think to counter this if he has solid damage and a good get of me move he will defo be fun to play. i didnt really get into sfxt or street fighter 3rd strike so ive never really played with him before but from what i know he is a grappler with some overheads and can give people the “clap” lol


Because Hugo was in SF4 all along. He just sat in the background biding his time until he regained full strength.


We are going to see nothing but Rolentos and Poison’s the first 6 months, maybe the 5th character if he or she is super badass like Dante was when he first joined a fighting game o_O


I have to try him out at least. He is from my country. :3


He is the only grapple i like in SF and i cant wait to play him.

Hopefully he retains some of his SFxT bullshit, like clap combos, lariat juggles, unteachable knockdown finisher with okizme.
If they remove things i expect to be removed (armor on lariat, charged lariat, juggle on splash, combo able overhead) and don’t give him a legit grappler game, better pokes, hit confirms+++ he is gonna be bad :confused:

Kinda hard to balance him to be fair. He is the extreme big guy with loads of damage. Hope he plays more safe like gief and less risks like hawk.

What do you think about his ultras and super? I just immediately assumed they would make U1 Gigas Breaker, U2 Megaton Press and Hammer Mountain as a super. But they will probably make Gigas breaker his super and turn U1 into another grab ultra like hawk and gief :frowning:

If Capcom is gonna give out info about each character individually in segments, i think Hugo is first up. Dawgtanian mentioned more info about Hugo soon: https://twitter.com/CapcomDawg/statuses/361926197858406402


Yeah I was thinking Giygas as U1, Megaton as U2 and Hammer as Super. It would be interesting to give him a non-grab Super, he’d be the only “pure” grappler with it.


The run from his SFxT super startup + EX lariat + forward HP are the animations for it. They really don’t have to add any animations heh.

I just realized how useless projectiles were in SFxT and SF3. We might actually see hugos spamming clap fullscreen to build meter and remove projectiles. Hawk and gief have terrible meter building options in comparisons. Giefs LK lariat has to be wiffed 13 times just to get 1 bar. If GPB still removes projectiles and its consider a “hit” when he removes one he should build meter fast like the twins.


If they give him armor on EX Clothesline he’ll be in pretty good position to close distance, though he’ll need meter to do it. He will probably be free as shit without meter if this is the case.


I have the odd feeling that he will lose to Zangief but beat Hawk, for some reason.


I get the feeling he will be numbah wan. I mean? How can you beat him? Look at his mahsuls.


He will dominate Hawk’s that jumps/dives a lot. Hawk’s st.hk could give him trouble tho.


Who thinks he’ll have at least 1200 health, same as T.Hawk? Maybe even more!?


T Hawk doesn’t have 1200 health. He and Gief both sit on 1100 I believe.


Don’t forget 1100 stun!


Now that you mention it I don’t think I ever ever stunned a Hawk


He had more than gief in SFXT. Probably gonna have the equal health in ultra tho


All his ex moves will have armor

None of his normals or specials (non ex version) will have armor

1200 stamina

Monster lariat Will cause a knock down instead of a float state.

HIs bnb will be a clap loop I say max two reps which will end with a lariat

Range on all his command grabs will increase

Back breaker will remain God-like