Ahmazing! Teen gets life with possible parole in killing 9 yr old







She lol’d.


I hope she burns in hell. She doesn’t deserve to live in Prison. Death Sentence please!


Who the fuck write in their Diary in “Internet Talk”.
Holy Shit.


I find this to be pretty amusing. For both the right reasons and the wrong reasons.


I don’t even…What the fuck? You just killed a child, and you think it’s “AHMAZING”.


So why is she getting life when other murderers are only getting 20 or 30 years?

Justice system. How does it work?


i think they meant life as in 25yrs, seeing as there’s a possibility of parole.


That’s fucking metal.

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I love how she went to church right after murdering a small child.


This type of person strikes me as the type that would kill immediately again if and when they were released to the public. 18 years old is more than old enough to fully understand the consequences of one’s actions, and that diary entry pretty clearly shows a complete lack of remorse for her actions, even deriving enjoyment from it.

Yeah, this is the type of vermin that should just be exterminated. No need for this waste of resources to continue to exist.


I like how the OP posted pics, not to provide perspective, but because everyone would have been asking for them anyway.

Okay. So, let’s outline this thread and its subsequent replies:

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I guess Missouri doesn’t really have a juvie system in place, which is why they are giving a 15 year-old a life sentence?

Maybe they should look into fixing that from a judicial perspective. Seems silly to give a 15 year-old only six years for murder, but it also seems extreme to give a 15 year-old a life sentence for anything.
So a 15 year-old with a clear history of mental problems who attempted suicide as a 13 year-old, and so is on mood altering drugs of which suicidal thoughts (LOL), violence, and depression are possible side effects…and she gets a life sentence even though juvenile laws only permit a maximum of six years in this case?

Was her lawyer the Hyper-Chicken from Futurama? Hilarious.


Exactly, instead our tax dollars pay for her roof and meals now…


Shoot, if I’m ever homeless and desperate I’ll just kill somebody, get convicted, and get a roof over my head and some fresh meals. Sounds like a win-win to me!


That was always my plan.
But I wouldn’t want to kill someone, I’ll try to rob a bank or something.


I like how when things like this happen, people ignore all valid reasons why not having a death penalty is good for everyone.

This is deplorable though. I don’t really have something for this type of shit.


i like pic two and three and would totally do her

instead of life in prison they should just make her a sex slave so other ppl can get the thrill of sexing a killer! i bet once you get over the “ohmygawd im fucking a killer!” it feels quite good to explode over her face


I used to work in a prison and people do shit like that for the free health care, meals and housing. I never heard about them killing people to be in prison but major theft and parole violation are great ways to get free shit. As long as you are not a pedophile, prison is not that bad.


I wouldn’t hit it. Chick looks like a dude.

Why are murderesses never as hot in real life as they are in the movies?


Well I was mainly just trying to show how flawed the system is, I in all honesty would likely just try and rob something. I doubt I could ever end another human life in cold blood, I have a hard time squishing bugs sometimes, I take 'em outside.