i was kinda wondering when, what part of sent’s animation do you push block in order to AHVB in the middle of the missiles of HSF. i saw this in one of duc’s vid if i’m not mistaken.

I may be wrong, but it’s basically the same as trying to sj out of HSF, except, instead of sj’ing, you tiger-knee an AHVB. Since it has a frame where it’s invinicible, the third set of drones fly past you. Practice sj’ing out of HSF afetr the 2nd set of drones with Cable, and once you get that down, just AHVB ratehr than sj.


yeah. duc said that to me a while ago. thanks
i can sj. but tk.AVHB is kinda hard. can’t find someone to practice with it though, because i just play at a local arcade. no ps2 or training modes. *sigh. especially when in a match, i’d rather sj. because im sure i can do it right, rather than practicing it. anyways. thanks,
i’ll try to contact a friend who has a console to be able to practice.

If it helps any, the invincible frame on the AHVB is on the earlier half, to be blunt.

Pushblock when the middle drone in the 1st set is exactly at the middle of the screen.

I couldve sworn Duc said in the Spiral thread that he said to pushblock the 1st set of drones, then tk AHVB before the 3rd set.

yeah. i got it. thanks a lot