AHVB trouble. Quick questions



Why do I have to do the TK AHVB, whenever i do the D-DF-F-UF motion it SJ’s me but I can’t do the AHVB, am I doing something wrong because I just do a FP in mid air.

Also, am I supposed to set up with Cable when I do the AHVB because the only attack I can seem to make people go up with is lp lp and thats it.



you’re just doing the motion too fast. Try slowing it down. Like the speed you would do a fireball at.

Cable’s set up is c.lk, s.hk, AHVB.



Alright thanks I understand the concept a bit more but I still can’t seem to link the 2nd and 3rd AHVB, the 1st one I can get where you aim downwards, but is the 2nd and 3rd one all timing because I cannot seem to get it no matter how many times I try.


Practice doing a regualr jump and AHVB right before you land.

Then hold up, and do a AHVB right after you leave the ground.

Now you are ready for AHVB x3.

You do it once with the tiger-knee motion.

Try to do the tiger knee-motion again just before you land, so that when you land you have just completed the motion and hit P. That will give you a right off the ground super.

On the 3rd hold Up on the stick and AHVB just as you notice you have left the ground, this will put you higher than normal because you normal jumped and you will naturally have a slower reaction. The higher you are in this case the better so you can hit them before they can recover because they are higher up.


I might as well ask this here…

What’s this about HVB being unblockable after flash?


Due to something (most likely input delay), you can’t block AHVB from neutral during the flash. I’m basing my conclusion off of multiple tests done in training mode. Random AHVBs online rape online with latency.


Yay just pulled off my first AHVB today in Player Matches. Good thing I got my stick today haha.


If you don’t have Cap Commando in you Cable team, how bad is that ?


idk about “bad” but for my style personally i find it soo usefull to have commando that i dont even give it much thought.


Something that might help do it more often is the Psimitar. Like the uppercut motion. Sometimes though, you dont even have to do it the same as commanded, but close enough for the game to read it as the command. Once youve done the move, cancel into hvb. Although you cant do this more than once in mutliple hvb’s, its good to be able to do it reguarly. I had trouble doing the hvb more than once also, when I first started. But I saw that you can cancel psimitar into it, and I got used to doing more than one. Its not the same motion, but it helps with the comfortability of performing multiple hypers, especially on joysticks…


When people say Tiger Knee motion… They mean Forward Down Down-forward? I’ve been practicing his AHVB I usually down down-forward forward up-forward. Also why do people call it Tiger Knee motion and not Dragon Punch?


They mean tiger knee motion as it was back in the ST days: Down, Down Forward, Forward, Upforward.

Combining a super jump into a QCF motion.


Cable AHVB TK problems are pretty easy to diagnose.

If you are getting Sj.hp then try emphasizing moving the stick into the corner, for example smash the stick to down forward and then to upforward, PP. This helped me out a lot when I was always getting Sj.hp when I was going for AHVB’s.


I also recently figured out why I kept getting sj.hp instead of ahvb or just hvb. If you’re doing the super jump, try slowing down your motion. If you do the motion too fast there is not enough time it seems for the game to recognize the jump cancel (or whatever is going on). I simply slowed down my motion and sometimes even do a clockwise 180 from 6 to 12 on the joystick to ensure I get the ahvb. Now I just gotta learn how to get it off of the s.hk.


The 2nd is a timed TK AHVB. The 3rd one though you cant TK it, unless your fighting sentinel. To land the 3rd you regular jump then ahvb.