I was looking through some threads, and I’m just wondering, what is different about cancelling a FP into AHVB and just plain doing an AHVB?

when you use fp first… you dont have to randomly ahvb. wait for the fp to connect then cancel and you dont waste a super.


[EDIT: Misunderstood the first time]

Those couple of frames might be just enough to allow the opponent’s feet to get back on the ground. If you’re serious about killing off the character, the extra quarter-inch or so of damage generally isn’t worth that risk, at least in my opinion.

Of course, there are situations (mainly the opponent being high enough off the ground for the above not to happen) where FP xx AHVB would be a good call.

How do you fp xx AHVB, everytime I try it just a standnig HVB comes out.

You make it a j. FP, that’s how. :slight_smile:

It’s rare, but some people can AHVB your hp when you do the ground one before it comes out. If you’re hp-ing someone, then planning to AHVB, you usually have to XX scimitar [whiffed] XX AHVB. Otherwise the AHVB will not come out.

There is an exception to this. You must be point blank with someone and go hp and cancell the first hit into a TK AHVB.

Also, you can use a jump back hp, and XX it into an air HVB before you land as what Buck Jones described. I hope you now understand Cable’s hp.

Some people will just tap J.Fierce and cancel immediately (Before it comes out) into AHVB for the extra meter from the Fierce. I’m not certain if that’s what you’re asking about, but there’s one use for it.

ok first of all to do a AHVB u do not just jump and hit FP then cancel it u have to do a Tigerknee which is a half a circel Forward Starting with down and going into the Up position or do what i do and start with back and do a three Quartars Circel into the up Position this will inwhich cause you to super jump but unlike a normal super jump the motion for the HVB has already been inputted so once you leave the ground all thats required is to hit both of the punch buttons the easest way to get into the AHVB is to use lk, lk, fk, tk + 2 Punches. tk = Tigerknee and if u want better ways to get into the AHVB look at differnt Threads

u can cancel s.fp if u dont’ shoot… i’ve seen that in a pimp production video