Ai-Chan Character Match-up Discussion #1: Ken the Eagle

Were going to be discussing Ken the Eagle leader of the Superhero Ninja squad from the Japanese anime 'Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.


Ratio i.e 55/45 -insert name here- favor:chat:
personal opionion on the matchup:smile:

Allright Ai-Chan’s disciples! Let’s do this! For Ai Chan! Discuss! Go! Go! Go!!!

I think if it weren’t for the cheese block super, there would be no way to catch the bird man. I hate trying to chase his fool ass down.
I also like to approach with j.B and I hate that his DP move goes through it.
But… that being said I don’t play against any really good Kens. So Idk… lol.

I use Ken with Ai and I feel it’s a bad match-up for her, maybe around 6/4. Ken controls the air better than any other character in the game, so for Ai to catch him is a pain in the ass. When playing against an aggressive Ken, you can use reverse hadou + C against the jump in. It’s a good idea to use her A and C projectiles to get him out of the air…or if you have meter to spare, use the robot. It’s an uphill battle, but it can definitely be done.

I unfortunately dont play Ken enough tbh. I’d have to agree with hellsoldier though, ken tends to get away with the evasion tactics and its not worth the trouble trying to chase him. Robot and projectiles should help you out in this MU. If the ken wants to play keep away do the same till you find an opening, cause like said before there’s no point in rushing him.

i was recently playing with ken and all i was doing was teleporting(why… cause it’s badass) it’s mindgames if you ask me. just imagine a good ken.
anyway you guys are right about ken raping us in the air. but i noticed his ground game isn’t all that great(correct me if i’m wrong)
his 2A hits twice so don’t just think your going to block the 1st one and punish.

omg just watched a vid with ken in it. if rflush actually played with ken he’d be beast as hell. but yeah a good ken is gonna be a problem. but no too much of a problem.

[media=youtube]8JrfkO9pH54[/media] Rflush(Ryu and Ken the Eagle) no joe :frowning: vs StriderZer0(Ippatsuman and Chun Li)