Ai-Chan Character Match-up Discussion #2: Jun the Swan

Discuss the Jun the Swan MU here.

Give a ratio (Ex. 60/40 -[insert name of the char in favor of])
Some strategies
Additional thoughs


Me and Shadowfiend are trying keep these MU threads goin’, hopefully keeping this board active. Dont let us down.

be sure to contribute to last week’s thread on Ken the Eagle, here.

Thanx Red, Yeah people. now let’s try our best and hype the Ai-Chan Boards.
Jun is so awesome. i want to pick her up as an secondary >.<

anyway i seen a pretty sick jun making good use of the bind bomb(yoyo bomb) i don’t have much on it so im going to do some research later on. lol most legit combo i did with her was 5A, 5B, 5C, Dancing Swan©, to Inazuma Kick. lmao xD

here’s a vid of a good jun in action


Justin Wong(Jun/Chun Li) vs RoyalFlush(V.Joe/H.Polimar)
hope it helps :wgrin:

I already knew Jun was scary, but Justin takes it to another level. I wonder how much he practices TvC, because it seems that he puts about the same effort into this as he does for SF4. But that’s enough praise giving for today XD

Although similar to Ken in some ways, she doesn’t quite control the air as efficiently as he does. From my experience, it’s best to be on top your push blocking game. Every normal after 2B leaves her wide open after a push block, so that’s the best time to move in. Also, the lack of a fast anti-air allows Ai to be more aggressive on jump-ins’.

Jun does have great priority on her normals and their long stagger recovery make her ground combos’ long and painful. She has more overheads’ than Ai and she packs a bigger punch. She of course has more HP than Ai (as that’s the case with all other characters’ except Zero, Roll and Karas) and her assist is relatively more effective and viable in more situations.

I give this one a 60/40 in favor of Jun…unfortunately XD

60/40? nah bruh it’s not that bad. it has to be at least 55-45 Jun. but that’s until i fight an actual good jun

Sorry I didn’t say this in my last post, but all my match-up ratios’ are given with the assumption that the opponent’s character is well above average. If that Jun is on top of her game and doesn’t let anything slip up, then it should be around 60/40. Just my opinion, though…I respect everyone else’s thoughts XD

Not too sure about this one. I havent played a jun that seemed like a big threat, yet I see players like Justin that make think otherwise. I agree with hell’s points but I’d give it 55/45 Jun. Her ground game is pretty good like Ai-Chan’s, but what helps her is that she has more HP. I think this MU is rather close.

Justin Wong is 2good.

You guys are looking at this wrong, Justin is just BETTER than most gamers its not really his jun thats a beast its Justin. Yatter2 controls the air just as well as Jun, this matchup is really who can control the air and pin the opponent to the ground. then the fight really starts. during theis fight you should keep your robot out at all times cuz Jun tends to have long ground strings into more hits in the air. as long as you can keep robot out you dont have much to worry about.

Generally yatter2’s biggest weaknesses are characters who can do a lot of damage quickly or characters who can mixup better than her while staying out of her mixup.

The lesser hp dosent matter too much cuz neither character can deal a ton of damage quickly.

i say 60/40 Yatter2

he’s right furthermore i been fighting alot of juns lately and yattergirl is just faster in the air. bout time jun takes out her explosives im already combo’ing her in the air lol. yeah
60-40 Yattergirl