Ai-Chan Character Match-up Discussion #3: i mean Casshan

Tetsuya Azuma (Casshan) turned himself into a cyborg to hunt down other robots that had taken over the world. Dr. Azuma was the inventor of the robots who were originally there to help human kind, but the robots later concluded that human kind wasn’t fit to rule and took over. cough megaman ripoff

Anyway you guys know the drill! Let’s do it yattermains! for Ai-Chan!


Megaman (1987)
Neo-Human Casshern (1973)
cough more like Neo Human Casshern rip-off on Megaman’s part. cough

Yo Ai-Chan, I’m happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Yatterman-1 is the greatest Yatterman of all time.

your opinion…

Not to mention that i’m fairly sure Inafune even said that Casshern’s story was the inspiration for Megaman X (Black King Boss = Sigma). Hell, X even has Casshern’s “let me blink lights on my helmet when i’m low on power” thing.

I havent seen the Ai-Chan board aciive lately, cmon step it up guys…

and lets try to stay on topic aswell.

Not so knowledgable in this MU but the obvious things I see are that Casshan has a pretty good HP advantage over us. He’s strong but kinda sluggish so I often just find it easy avoid most of his setups, friender and specials, so I dont run into many problems. His ground game is more of a threat than his air game but even that I think Ai-Chan exceeds in. If it wasnt for Casshan’s damage input and HP advantage compared to Ai-Chan, I’d say she’d do just fine but with that said I’d put it at about even MU. I could be way off with my opinion so im stop so i dont sound like a dumb***. Atleast this gets this thread started so maybe someone more knowledgable in the match up can shed some light on this.

Also seasofcheese929 shut up >_>

Damn it’s pretty quiet in here…oh well. As Ai users, I think we should all get online (I know, shoot me for saying it) and see how we stack up against eachother. Just some friendly competition, maybe share some strats and such? Just an idea.

Back on topic…As Red stated above, the damage and HP battle is most definitely in favor of Casshern, but Ai is ALOT faster than he. If she can get in there fast and not give Casshern an opening to go into his tiger knee-esque overhead and bbq, then she shouldn’t have much of a problem. I have played a few Cassherns, not the best of quality ones, but when he’s on point he’s deadly. We just need to be patient and then exploit and opening

Keepy raped the thread LOL

Casshern DOES BIG DAMAGE! he can do like 22k mterless no barouqe with like 15 hits. if you do some of his advanced BnB’s he can do 35k with 1 meter no BBQ

but with that said I think this matchup is 55/45 Casshern.

He can simply knock her away, his knee beats j.b and on the ground he can keep you blocking with dog mizups. Keep in mind that all of his specials arent safe so you can punish him willy nilly. but if he catches you 2wice he can put you under pretty quick even with robot out.

The biggest thing to watch out for is super armor. If you can bait the knee, you’re golden, but don’t let it hit. Therefore you can’t be as offensive as you like, but he doesn’t really have any BS to keep her out aside from that move.

well here i am, attempting to do the pro’s and cons for our yattergirl vs casshern.

Deals a great amount of damage
Beautiful Offense
and your god FRIENDER!!! D:<
He has many methods of approaching
his hypers are beasty.
Has a great Anime (Casshern Sins. Watch if you can ;))

He’s Pretty Slow
His range is crappy
His hypers are like close-range only
No low-hits besides sweeping.
No projectile unless you wanna count friender

overall imo. i think yattergirl got this. he techincally has no projectile unless you want to count god…er i friender. he can’t stop our approach. WE ARE MUCH FASTER THAN HIM. since we love the air he can’t do much. he doesn’t even have a anti air does he? but if we play dumb, were gonna eat all of his setups i think i seen some good setup with friender.
55/45 Yattergirl