Ai-Chan Character Match-up Discussion #4: Alex

Continuing with the series of MU threads that Shadowfeind has so graciously posted for us (XD), we now continue with what I believe is Ai’s toughest fight as of now, Alex.

Why do I think this is her hardest MU? Two words. Hyper Bomb. :wow:

That thing is scary. My friend mains Alex, and it’s just a nightmare to deal with. My advice for that one move is this: don’t get too aggressive. Ai is a rush down character, and all of Alex’s ultras (being grabs) pretty much want someone to jump in and attack constantly. Also, once Alex hits 3 bars, all that’s on his mind is the Hyper Bomb. No joke, that does around 70% ALONE to Ai. Honestly, unless you’re up against someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, then it’s better to avoid the MU all together.

Discuss. :coffee:

Just Thinking about this matchup makes me shiver >.> alex has mad strength. if he grabs us were going to take some damage obviously. what i think we should do is be annoying as possible. like play like v joe is we can. hit & run. don’t rush alex, thats just askin for it.

Mad Strength
Good Health
His overhead is mindgames
has a snapback
grab range is broken imo

Big Target
Not as Fast
Lag in basic combos(correct me if im wrong)
no projectile

i need more matchup experience on this. so give me about a month. for now imma give this matchup to alex.
55/45 Alex

As far as I’ve seen, Alex’s “basic” ground combo consists of like 3 or 4 normals and then that shoulder slam that sends you off the wall into an air combo. And yeah, they are pretty slow.

Forgot to give my ratio earlier XD

55-45 favor to Alex.

:rofl: yeah but we got this. all we have to do is get some matchup exp.

Damn where did everyone go? XD

Come on guys, let’s try and keep this forum active!

The real trick to winning this match up is to continue to stay in the air doing j.b and when you are full screen throw out a [4]6B fireball above alex’s head to keep him grounded, DO NOT AIR TO AIR ALEX, if he lands a dive he will SPD you for 1/3 your life. keep him on the ground and when he is in the air respect his space. robot dosent help in this MU very much so save your meter for a Variable counter if alex traps you.

:3 i need to play an alex. btw DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT HE SAYS WHEN HE DOES HIS SUPER? OR HYPER. it sounds like "you should feel guilty or you should feel pain IDK >.<

I think he’s supposed to be saying “You can’t escape” but I always hear “You can’t help me”.

Clearly Alex is hiding some deep seeded emotional problems and needs professional help if he’s saying that

tsk tsk, poor alex. OK BACK ON TOPIC EVERYONE XD