Ai-Chan Character Match-up Discussion #5 HA! RI! CANE! POLIMAR!

Hurricane Polimar, is a crime fighting superhero who wears a suit made of memory plastic that allows him to assume any shape.

Takeshi was just your average guy with a strong sense of justice, until he saved a professor from a bunch of bad guys. That professor introduced him to the substance called ‘polymar’ which was made into a suit and enables him to change shape, increases his strength, speed, stamina and gives him other super powers.


Ratio i.e 55/45 -insert name here- favor:razz:
personal opionion on the matchup:bluu:

Allright! let’s get this going Yattergirl Mains! DISCUSS!!!


  • This dude causes great damage especially to our yattergirl.
  • Really great hit confirms.
  • Can Cancel special moves into special moves.
  • Most normals and special moves cause Polimar to move forward.
  • Solid anti-air move.
  • Besides Projectile Character he has to have the one of the best assists in the game imo.
  • Has that beasty roll dodge.


  • his footspeed has to be the worse in the game(even worse than blade and tekkaman)
  • his jabs have short range
  • his dash has short distance
  • campy characters he has trouble on such as megaman or vjoe.
  • quick foes such as vjoe out-prioritize him such as vjoe’s quick jab(5A)

In my opinion, i don’t know what to do on this matchup. we can’t keep polimar away forever. once he catches us we better pray he drops a combo otherwise were going to take as much damage as alex hyper bombing zero at full health. i only played royalflush once and as you guys saw or not, polimar’s close combat is deadly. but then again we are faster that him, yatterspin should keep him away since he has no projectile, we have a projectile with good hitstun, and our air game is better. i honestly don’t know what to say about this matchup but i’ll kinda give it to polimar until we get more information or others opinions about the matchup. 55/45 Polimar