Ai-Chan Video Critique Thread(POST ALL YOUR VIDZ OF YOUR AI-CHAN)

Use this thread to post videos of your recent yattergirls friendly matches or Tournaments(mostly tournaments) you can also look at the matches and compare other yattergirls to yours or even learn from yattergirls that are better than you.

Want your Vidz Posted?!

Ask me and i will post them for you. :3

I will put the videos that you uploaded on the thread. let me know if its tourney, friendly or even wifi. but let’s avoid having alot of wifi vidz considering WIFI ISN’T LEGIT I will start in ABC order once i get someone with “A” in their name. I’ll go first.


Friendlies will be Green

Tourneys will be Blue

Wifi will be Red


Friendlies/ TvC: Ultimate All-Stars

HeartNana (Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother (Frank/Roll) - [media=youtube]dmWfQd7T85o[/media]

HeartNana (Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother (Yatt1/Frank) - [media=youtube]9esf6Jk8JLw[/media]

HeartNana (Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother (Frank/Roll) - [media=youtube]7CXJk2ACYMU[/media]

HeartNana (Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother (Frank/Roll) - [media=youtube]Hq9lAAKscQU[/media]

HeartNana (Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother (Frank/Roll) - [media=youtube]jStmwl9_Wm8[/media]

HeartNana(Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother(Batman/Ken) - [media=youtube]Ziw-FbO2Q3U[/media]


Tournament Mexican Basement/TvC: Ultimate All-Stars

[media=youtube]rkePvMOCFhQ[/media] Winner Semi-Finals - J-Money(Yattergirl/Ippatsuman) vs DaBeast(Alex/Zero)

[media=youtube]As0ipchM4Hc[/media] J-Money(Yattergirl/Ippatsuman) vs JustOwnin(Ryu/Zero)

Midway Championships 2010 - TvC Ultimate All-Stars J-Money(Yattergirl/Ippatsuman) vs Keitz(Ryu/Tekkaman Blade) - Start at

[media=youtube]BfgS9…os=bKMOQSzWSKQ[/media] - J-Money(Yattergirl/Ippatsuman) vs Erik V(Zero/Morrigan)

Tournament Ranbats - J-Money(Ippatsuman/Yattergirl) vs NightWing_x(Zero/Alex) (Playlist)


2 Good Gaming @ CSULB Tournament/ TvC: Ultimate All-Stars

[media=youtube]_jw3hgRisNE[/media] Grand Finals 1 - ShadowFiend(Yattergirl/Ryu) vs OmegaXF(Karas/Zero)

[media=youtube]zNU0TVxtPXs[/media] Grand Finals 2 -ShadowFiend(Yattergirl/Ryu) vs OmegaXF(Karas/Zero)

[media=youtube]zNU0TVxtPXs[/media] Winners Finals ShadowFiend(Yattergirl/Ryu) vs OmegaXF(Karas/Zero)

[media=youtube]DdPy6F9-1wk[/media] Loser Finals ShadowFiend(Yattergirl/Ryu) vs PerfectedIddiot2

Tourney Play #5 Tatsunoko vs Capcom

[media=youtube]0k9aZigpWmM[/media] ShadowFiend(Yattergirl/Ryu) vs RoyalFlush(Viewtiful Joe/Polimar)

2 Good Gaming Tatsumaki vs Capcom II

[media=youtube]VMyEnH1H9zI[/media]Rayzyrbyrn(Viewtiful Joe/Zero) vs ShadowFiend(Yattergirl/Ryu)


Friendlies/TvC: Ultimate All-Stars

[media=youtube]Lsij1KUJPhg[/media] Pyro(Yatter-2/Joe Condor) vs TechRomancer(Saki/Morrigan)

[media=youtube]kdM6ft9PPK4[/media] Pyro(Yatter-2/Joe Condor vs TechRomancer(Saki/Morrigan)

Combo Videos, Discoveries, Strategies


[media=youtube]Z0cQizy5T4g[/media] - Yattergirl Combo/Reset Video.

[media=youtube]E3i15…eature=channel[/media] - Yatter Sheild Reflective Properties

That’s it for me until i get more videos. feel free to critique. :3

Friendlies: HeartNana (Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother (Frank/Roll) - [media=youtube]dmWfQd7T85o[/media]
HeartNana (Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother (Yatt1/Frank) - [media=youtube]9esf6Jk8JLw[/media]
HeartNana (Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother (Frank/Roll) - [media=youtube]7CXJk2ACYMU[/media]
HeartNana (Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother (Frank/Roll) - [media=youtube]Hq9lAAKscQU[/media]
HeartNana (Yatter2/Saki) vs YourMother (Frank/Roll) - [media=youtube]jStmwl9_Wm8[/media]

It’s cool that we have each other to play, but it would be awesome if we had a couple more players here. It’s kinda hard with no arcade release though…

No arcade release? So what’s the community like over there for that game?

Please elaborate.

updated. we need moar vids. :slight_smile:

Frank and Yatter2 are in TvC: Crossover Generation of Heroes?

TR - Well, i dunno what the other players are doing, but its really just me and yourmother playing against each other a bunch. =P

man 2GG looked fun. Nice matches Shadow! Some were so clutch, sounded hyped @ 2GG :b

ummm idk. isn’t the japanese one called cgh?:wonder:

and red thanx bruh. i choked during finals and omegaxf took full advantage and slaughtered me. :sad:

I’m pretty sure it’s called Ultimate All Stars here. Crossover Generation of Heroes was the old version/arcade version.

Tourney vids from Mexican Basement TvC back in Feb.

Derrick legend lmao!!!

Yeah, i was wondering about that too; Weren’t Frank and Yatter-2 released in the new version?

About the scene: Yeah I actually just got finished talking with YM over YT and said you guys were in a small town so you only really played each other. I’m curious about the bigger scene though however, I mean with no arcade release how well does this game do over there? And I heard the original TvC wasn’t even all that big, either.

I don’t want to draw this topic off subject too much though, so to give me an excuse to keep posting here, I’ll post matches of me against my friend’s Yatter-2:

  • [media=youtube]Lsij1KUJPhg[/media] (Yatter-2/Joe Condor vs Saki/Morg)
  • [media=youtube]kdM6ft9PPK4[/media] (Yatter-2/Joe Condor vs Saki/Morg)

Oh yeah, those are casuals/friendlies by the way if they get added to the main post.

Allright you guys good shit. we need moar tourney vids :3 we want to show everyone that the Ai chan mains are beast.
oh and btw plz you guys contribute to the matchup threads. me and redinvader need all the help we can get.

TR = Tech Romancer =)

Its just an acronym. The Yatter-2 player’s handle is Pyro.

allright got it :3

oh and jmoney. you have a nice ippatsuman i never seen a good one before.

You can check me on the stream at MWC taking top 16 in TvC

I play at about the 2:00:00 mark

this is my elimination match in losers vs keits who placed 9th

at the 30 min mark i fight keits.

I was the only Yatter-2 at MWC hope you guys like what you saw and take away from it something.

again…THAT IPPATSUMAN! O_O so beasty. was keitz going his best?! because i’ve seen so many tkmnblades just like his.

Just some casuals from a couple days ago.

Rob, I like your Yatter2 a lot, you do some pretty cool stuff to apply pressure.

but how come you dont use the robot? are you saving your meter or you dont like it interuppting your combos?

Both. I don’t feel like Ai-chan really needs the robot. Plus, I think if you rely on the robot too much, that it actually hurts your basics, because you end up relying on the robot too much. She has awesome pressure on her own. I really only use the robot when i DHC her in, or when I’m just trying to chip my opponent.

hey add this [media=youtube]BfgS911bQcA&playnext_from=TL&videos=bKMOQSzWSKQ[/media] MWC J-money vs Eric V.

J-Money why did you jump lol XD. That was a nice match and your Ai-Chan looks nice.