AIAB opinions

Hi guys, sorry if there is already a thread like this on here, I did try to do a search but it the forum search function told to wait 9000000000 seconds (i might be dead by then).

Just wanted to know your opinions on the boxes from these guys. I am also considering Finkle, Lazyee (heard great stuff about their products) but I have not recieved responses fom them yet, so basically im thinking about another option.

First off, here is his thread.
A lot to read through, but full of testaments of their quality.

I own a True Arcade and love the thing. Very good build quality. The only thing I can really recommend is getting a Slim Arcade. With my True Arcade, I find myself hitting the Dashboard or Start button since they are near the joystick. The are not that way on the Slim.

There are other venues if you can not get ahold of Finkle or Lazyeea. Kaytrim is selling some gorgeous cases in the Trading Outlet and has his blog and contact info in his sig so you wont have to post in the TO. If you can’t do any of the wiring etc, there are people that offer presoldered pads for X360/PS, and then there is the Cthulu. I am also doing a couple of builds for people that are sending me a case and all the parts needed to put a stick together if you want to go a route like that.

With any option, it will take a decent amount of time, as stick makers are slammed right now due to SF4.

Thanks for the info!

SF4’s release has got most suppliers sold out. Norris and Kaytrim are all sold out. The presoldered madcatz 360 pcb is also gone. Cthulu does do a 360 pcb. I guess I just have to sit back.

Thanks for the link!

Kaytrim is not sold out. :smile:

To be honest with that price plus price of parts and to order a wired PCB, it would be better actually order a cutom box professionally created by AIAB.

EDIT: Was just to complete my order and the final price including shiping to the UK almost came to 200 :frowning: (I will get hit by customs so proba 250).

Might actually get the parts myself!