Aiding the War God: Guy Team Synergy Thread



Who are you pairing with Guy and why? What do you think his greatest tools are for setting up/continuing tag combos? What are his strengths and weaknesses that can be addressed with a partner?

Discuss away.

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As for synergy basics, I would say his walkspeed and aair bushins make him a strong point character. Tatsu is great for creating tag combos, and being able to cancel launcher from max distance sweep is another good tool for a point. He also seems to have above average wall carry, which not only helps his partner but being near the corner allows him to both roll reset and use his chain throw.

As for who to pair him with I am having some trouble. He is a largely self-sufficient character, so he does not appear to have any significant weaknesses that scream "tag me with so and so!"
Right now my team is Guy/King, largely because Guy is who I want to learn and King is my best. They are not without synergy however:
-I feel Guy’s overheads are a little lacking, as are his damage options, so pairing him up with a mixup monster seems wise.
-King’s strong damage off launchers and the ability to launch back in a juggle makes Guy’s sweep/launch more useful.

Even so, Guy’s low launcher strips King’s post-launch of its usual potential. I also already think that Sakura is the perfect King partner, so I am looking for someone else to play with Guy.

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At moment, I’m using Guy and Lili. I like Guy in the neutral game above Lili, and I feel the team has a good corner carry. I’m looking into seeing whether or not the rumors of Guy being able to combo off of TC>CADC are true, in which case I would do a combo into either lk bushin senpukyaku>hk senpukyaku xx tag or possibly Bushin Chain xx tag into charging a counter hit for Lili.

Also, launcher damage and amount of combos ending in hard knockdown are two other pros.


Once I accumulate enough synergy aspects of Guy I will update the first post with them, and maybe turn my second post into various “strong partners for Guy and why.”

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I’ve had moderate success with my Guy/Abel Tandem.


Guy/Heihachi(25% more awesome if have Hei’s Sodom swap costume):tup:
I’m still rough with Tekken characters, but Guy’s sheer mobility and multiple ways in takes care of the biggest problem I had when I started learning Heihachi–getting inside from mid/long range. Once you’re in, the tag cancel shit between Guy’s tatsus and Heihachi’s uppercuts…mean stuff. I haven’t really messed around with a lot of Tekken characters to the point where I’m comfortable, but damn I can sense fear when I corner someone with Guy and bring Heihachi in.

A Guy/Bob team seems damn interesting though…


Why would you say that? I mained Bob for a long time, but I do not see an especially great deal of synergy, though he can work with pretty much anyone willing to spare a little meter.

I suppose they both have great frametraps and pressure and different areas to access said pressure, but Bob usually needs someone with a good reversal and I dunno if Guy has one. Also, one of Bob’s greatest assets as a partner is his ability to troll zoners and zone his own weird game, but I imagine Guy has little problems against projectiles.
that being said, from a purely offensive standpoint, this team actually is sounding very interesting.

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Just posting my own findings here.
I’m sure a billion of you guys have noticed this already (I just feel like contributing), but Guy’s LK Bushin Senpukyaku puts the opponent into a high float juggle state. What this means is you get an easy ground bounce set-up. However, because of the trajectory (for want of a better term) at which LK BSK launches the opponent, that being more vertically than horizontally, you basically get an easy ground bounce midscreen as well as in the corner.
So, Guy LK BSK tag cancel means easy and damaging extensions for Raven, Bryan, Cody (somewhat), Dudley (who is just a fantastic character and I think works quite well with Guy), and anyone else with an air normal that bounds.
Otherwise, you can fit a jumping heavy normal in during the float, so that means I can possibly play Guy/Lars, which sounds too good to be true.
EDIT: Oh yeah, team synergy is about more than just combos. >>
Now that I think about it, I’m not too sure about Guy/Lars. I’ll have to test it, but assuming that Guy’s best anti-airs are the same as SF4 (cr.MP, BSK, TK air-throw, etc), which were unfortunately somewhat unreliable as anti-airs, I’m not sure if Lars is able to make up for that. His best AA’s that I’ve found are MK Lightning Screw (which I’ve still got to get the timing for) and far st.MP, which, due to the fact that it’s a far normal, doesn’t do very well against close jumps.
Oh well, it’s always worth exploring using air normals as AAs… which is why Guy/Dudley is sounding better and better. Not only does he still have his classy AA normal, but regular Jet Upper now has invincibility, and j.HK (the Business Elbow) has such ridiculous priority that it could very likely be used as a kind of reactionary AA, which certainly at least augments Guy’s AA options.
The only reason I’m not jumping on Guy/Dudley right now is because I feel like I’m cheating if I don’t play at least one Tekken character on my team. ._.


Guys anti air normals have always been good I mean only a few things beat.them where you just need to use meter so its a fair trade


right now its guy & fury. guy has no problem getting in and getting combos started, but but they are not the most damaging. tagging in bryan helps bring the hurt.

as it been said guy is fairly well rounded. the only thing he lacks is a meter less reversal. ex BSK is too good.

the main things i think guy needs in a partner is dmg/ mix ups. heihachi, king, julia ect…

been trying asuka but its not going so well, his low launcher kills it for her. plus she has trouble with BSK combos. i love the mixups she get after coming in, but i cant find combos that work with her yet.

not needing meter is also a plus because guy loves his meter for EX BSK/ cross cancel

someone who can get good dmg off his cross cancel is a must too. guy doesnt handle pressure to well. having some one who can land a damaging combo off a cross cancel makes you opponent think twice about there offence once you have meter.


I’m rolling with Guy and Jack at the moment and i’m loving it. But i won’t get ahead of myself. I don’t want to mistake training mode synergy for actual online synergy

They actually move online :).


I’m considering Guy & Jin, though I like the idea of Rolento & Guy. Rolento’s options can be limited. I’m also VERY interested in pairing Guy with Raven and/or Ibuki, though I may save Ibuki for Team Vortex.
May try Kaz and/or Lars with Guy as well.
Thoughts, constructive criticism and advice requested and welcomed…


I use Guy / Lars team / Guy’s is GOD LIKE!!! it stuffs everything! Lars is a good anti air to / team synergy is more than combos but it’s not too much deeper than that either, imo. combos are there like you said, but safe tag cancels would be Guy’s lk, bushin kick and Lars cr.hp. other than that you don’t need to know anything else but how to use the characters separetly.


now that the DLC characters are playable on PC (unofficially though, patch 1.06 is still not released) i fooled around with Guy and Bison (my SF4 mains)

EDIT: i’ve revised the combos, see bellow


I still do not know enough about Guy to be sure but his synergy with Paul appears to be rather formidable.

A) While Guy has damage scaling issues and has little use for the extensive meter he builds, Paul has short, damaging combos and becomes incredibly dangerous with meter both in terms of damage and unlocking his full toolset.
B) Paul has no footsies or ability to close in on an opponent, and Guy can easily get him in
C) Paul’s bounds aerial opponent, allowing him great damage from a tag canceled LK tatsu and hopefully Sickle in 2013.
D) Paul can end his combos either complementing Guy’s momentum game with his safe jump setup or opt for more damage and Smash them far into the corner. The latter and great carry in general gives Guy access to all his corner shenanigans with his strings.
E) note: removed in 2013: Guy’s Tag Cancel OS on block gives Paul free access to his pressure/CH fishing game

Course there are some weaknesses:
A) Guy’s low launcher means Paul cannot use his most damage launch combos
B) both are relatively weak air-to air.
C) Reliance on Guy for all of neutral can get repetitive quick, this is a high offense team that beats the opponent quickly with its momentum and bag of tricks before this weakness is discovered.

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No meter combos:

  • boost combo into Guy, c.MP, s.MP xx HK tatsu (271+ dmg)
  • (corner) TC xx LP hozanto, c.MP x2 xx HK tatsu (312 dmg)

1 EX combos:

  • (anti-air) c.MP, walk a bit, s.HP (close version) xx HK tatsu, Rolento tag cancel, j.hp,, (422 dmg)
  • (midscreen) TC xx MK tatsu, Rolento tag cancel, j.HP, s.MK, s.MK-s.HK (367 dmg)
  • (midscreen) c.MK x patriot, Guy tag cancel, s.HK, s.MP xx HK tatsu (318 dmg)
  • (corner) TC xx LP hozanto, c.MP x2 xx HK tatsu, Rolento tag cancel, nj.HP, s.MK, s.MK-s.HK (388 dmg)
  • (corner) c.MK x patriot, Guy tag cancel, s.HK, s.HP xx HK tatsu (333 dmg)

2 EX combos (not really worth it):


  • (corner) c.MK x EX patriot, Guy tag cancel, s.HK x2, s.MK-s.HK (383 dmg)
  • (midscreen) c.MK x EX patriot, Guy tag cancel, j.HP, s.HP (close) xx HK tatsu (395 dmg)
  • TC xx EX hozanto, c.MP xx HK tatsu, tag cancel, j.HP, s.MK, s.MK-s.HK (409 dmg)[/details]


No meter combos:

  • boost chain into Guy, c.MP, s.MP xx HK tatsu (270+ dmg)
  • boost chain into Bison, c.MP, c.MP xx HP psycho crusher (270+ dmg)
  • boost chain into Bison, s.HP xx LK scissors, c.MP xx HP psycho crusher (305+ dmg)

1 EX combos:

  • (anti-air) c.MP, walk a bit, s.HP (close version) xx HK tatsu, tag cancel into Bison, hell attack, s.MP, s.HP xx HP psycho crusher (460 dmg)
  • (midscreen) TC xx MK tatsu, Bison tag cancel, hell attack, s.MP, s.HP xx HP psycho (405 dmg)
  • (corner) TC xx lp hozanto, c.MP xx HK tatsu, Bison tag cancel, j.HP, s.MK, c.MK xx HP psycho (408 dmg)
  • boost chain into Guy, c.MP, s.MP xx HK tatsu, tag cancel into Bison, hell attack, s.MP, s.HP xx HP psycho crusher (335+ dmg)
  • boost chain into Bison, c.MP, c.MP xx HP psycho crusher, tag cancel into Guy, c.MP, s.MP xx HK tatsu (320+ dmg)

2 EX combos (not really worth it):


  • TC xx EX hozanto, c.MP xx HK tatsu, Bison tag cancel, hell attack, s.HP xx HP psycho (422 dmg)[/details]


  • Rolento/Guy, Guy/Bison suggests the optimal team order when considering damage output
  • boost chains were L-M-Hx2. combo damage is higher with just M-Hx2, hence the + after damage values
  • some number of hits in combos might not be 100% optimized. in a few cases trading little damage for easier execution, in other cases i just suck at figuring out more optimized/advanced combos :smiley:
  • 2 EX combos are just for flash, since the damage can be equaled/surpassed with solo combos into Super
  • v2013 will bring interesting combo enders for Guy and Bison will have better EX combos with EX scissors floating straight up on hit


I only got the game last week for PC so I probably don’t know some things that you guys do. Also, the damage numbers are probably off as well since Lars’ Lightning Screw got a damage buff.

I use Lars/Guy. I put Lars on point because I feel like he’s a bit beefier and his normals are much better than Guy’s in terms of range and combo-ability (his cr. MK is really good). Also, Guy seems to really shine when his opponents are in the corner, probably more so than any other character and Lars can push opponents into the corner simply by landing a cr. MK into Dynamic Entry and its subsequent follow ups or Dyanamic Entry -> Mjolnir, cr. HP xx Lightning Thrust which yields more damage but requires more execution than mashing punch after connecting a Dynamic Entry. I still haven’t found any midscreen combos yet for the two of them, outside of TC xx MK Tatsu, tag, j. HP, cr. MK xx Lightning Thrust that is 362 damage which isn’t half bad but landing LK/MK Tatsu reliably is a bit hard and it’s an easy punish if blocked/whiff. Alternatively, the combo can be TC xx LK Tatsu, tag, j. HP, cr. MP xx HK Lightning Screw but since I don’t have the 2013 patch, the former does more damage (probably because of MK Tatsu).

On the other hand, midscreen combo coming from Lars a bit harder to do since Rising Storm is his best move to do it from but it only works off cl st. HP or cr. HP, both of which is a bit trickier to land because obviously, his cl. st. HP requires him to almost be in the front of the opponent’s face and cr. HP isn’t much better because the first hit is the cancellable hit but it has very short range. The one upside is that cr. HP can be linked into from cr. MP which is a good normal but the pushback, again, would require Lars to start the cr. MP in front of the opponent.

Corner combos are a bit ridiculous in terms of damage for either side, but more so starting with Guy. st. MP (TC) xx LP Hozanto, cr. MP xx HK Tatsu, tag, nj. HP, cr. MP, cr. MP xx HK Lightning Screw nets 422 (404) damage and this is before the 2013 patch where Lightning Screw does more damage. Guy can also add one more cr. MP before the HK Tatsu cancel but it reduces the damage to 418 but it’ll give more meter, so it’s arguable whether it’s worth the 4 damage loss.

Starting with opponent in the corner with Lars, cr. MK, Dyanimic Entry -> Lock and Load, cr. MP xx HK Lightning Screw, tag, nj. HK, cl. st. HP xx HK Tatsu is 388 damage. Similarly, Lars can vary one more cr. MP into HK Lightning Screw but the damage will be 381 but it does cause more meter gain.

In terms of boost combos, Lars has great range on his far st. MK which can boost into st. HP allowing him to get Guy in very easily. Guy has far st. MP xx st. HK for boost which is also very good but not quite as good as Lars as Lars’ far st. MK is a ‘step kick’ which can unexpectedly hit his opponents at very far ranges. There’s nothing too special coming out of boost combos from either characters; boost from Guy, cr. MP, cr. MP xx Lightning Thrust, but again, because I don’t have the 2013 patch, doing one cr. MP xx HK Lightning Screw may yield more damage. Or if boost from Lars, cr. MP, HK Tatsu, I think Guy can squeeze in another cr. MP but it may be character specific and the timing is a bit weird, so I just do one and cancel straight into Tatsu.

Over all, I think Lars/Guy is a pretty decent combo but the team doesn’t have crazy synergy like some teams have (usually involving Law, Jin, Kazuya, or Heihachi). I do find the team to be very fun though and they seem to go well, at least in terms of character design.


I’m having a lot of success with Guy/Jin so far, Jin on point is amazing just cause of all of his tools and pressure game, he can build you bar so easily while you get the safe tag with Guy and then go to town. So far I think Jin does help in the match ups that Guy can struggle with (so far haven’t found any characters that can be a pain). Combo synergy wise I think they’re decent together but you can definitely net more damage with them solo, the way I see how this team works is basically have Jin condition your opponent while building meter, once Guy comes in with bar you’re pretty much set. Since Guy doesn’t have any good EX reversal moves I been using meter for alpha counters when put in that situation other wise I use meter to use the level 3 super where it takes your red health away.

#19<br><br>500+ damage, 1 EX - best jump-in combo i could find with this team<br>


what do you lot think of guy alisa