Aight dammit, rate my taste in women...(w/ TONS of pics)

Well after that whole Melissa shit went down, I’ve been getting ALOT of shit from my best friends about my taste in women as well as my grading scale. I’m an extremely optomistic rater I’ll admit, but I’d say I’m pretty fair and harsh at the same time. And Melissa aside my female interests ie. past gf’s or girls I’ve smashed are ALL pretty attractive, so as any self respecting person would do, I’ll let SRK be the judge. Now a majority of the girls I’ve already done, but the other ones will be ones I’m interested in just to add depth to the list because I’m not a manwhore, and btw I’ll specify if I’ve fucked em or not. Oh and…Melissa not included in this discussion AT ALL.

Let’s see let’s start with Brandi a girl I dated for only like 2 months while I was in college back in 03’. She moved so it ended abruptly. And yeah, she got the pipe

My crazy ex Liz, while a crazy hoe, is extremely hot and has a nice body as well. She looks better than this now because the pic was taken about 2 months after a 5 month addiction to coke, so she’s gained her regular weight back (about 10lbs) God dome from her but never smashed (good thing too, she has all kinds of STD’s…seriously)Showin her booty at the club, after getting back said weight

Then we got Megan she USED to be FINE (about 7 months ago) then she got all emo. She’s since gained about 45lbs (you can even see fat in her wrists these days) but AT THE TIME I hit it, she was a good 140. Her eyes, as you can see are amazing.

And then, MY PERSONAL FAVORITE Jessi. I met Jessi at a party after I broke up with Liz. GREATEST REBOUND EVER. I was an asshole at the party to get her, because I overheard her idiot boyfriend talkin with his boy askin if she knew she had cheated on her. The best part? It was her bf’s birthday party…Ok Jessi is fucking BEAST, I gotta give ya’ll acouple more…
extra Jessi 1
extra Jessi 2 (W/ Chad Johnson)

Now like I said, I’m not a manwhore so that’s the extent of ladies I’ve run through in the past couple years, so the 2nd part is females that I’ve yet to hit, but would like to.

Stephaniemy BEST female friend easily. I could hit if she didn’t live so far away. She, as you can see has ridic large boobs. and has the attitude that I absolutely fuckin love. She could easily be my gf if it were not for the distance.

My homegirl Ashley is the most ghetto white girl I know, and I’m really feeling her swagger. Unfortunetly she’s 17 atm so I gotta wait 38 day and 22 hours to get at that.

FINALLY, Jenna the girl that I’m “dating” lightweight. We get along well and she makes me forget about Melissa which is a plus. yumtastic pixie that I NEED to fuck ASAP kthnx. She’s a rocker chick but suprisingly that doesn’t bother me when I could be seeing her like this…

But yeah, I would like nothin more than for SRK to prove my Haterade drinkin buddies wrong by vindicating my taste in women as acceptable.

Depending on what state you’re in, you should have no trouble hitting a 17 year old.

I remember you posted some of these pictures before(was it in Thinking Out Loud?). Anywho, my personal ratings:

Brandi - Meh. Pic does no justice(or injustice) to her.

Liz - No fucking way. She just LOOKS dirty. You say she has gained some weight back, but the mere though of STDs just kills any desire for me at all. Again, meh.

Megan - Based on the picture alone, I would smash with all the forces of outworld. I like a little meat.

**Jessi **- Looks like she has at least some sort of brain and Im not sensing an overly slutty STD vibe. Is this true? If so - would smash.

Steph - Too slutty looking for my liking. All preference based though, so it’s not a judge of your taste.

Ash - Don’t do ghetto…probably would do her though. 38 days ain’t shit(wouldn’t stop me :stuck_out_tongue: )

Jenna - Would smash. You DO need to fuck ASAP.

Some of them are trashy while the others are decent.

Wow, I have no fucking standards. They would all get smashed liberally.

More Megan pics plzzzzzz.

My personal fav is Chad Johnson.


Good taste, My drunk goggles approve. :tup:


Oh, I’d hit that; with a tomahawk missile coated in anthrax and gasoline.

Agreed. That bitch is BANGIN’!!!

haha ok, but for shits and giggles I should throw in some of her recent ones because she has turned into one bitchy bovine. I don’t even talk to her marshmellow ass anymore…but to fill your request more Megan

More Megz 1

More Megz 2

Megz starting to gain weight

almost there…

:rofl::rofl: now she fat son

WTF? I dunno, alcohol would draw me towards her in this state.


…I’d still smash. I’d just imagine the megan in the first pic :rofl::rofl:

Incredible. The lighting and her skin tone in the first pic makes her look yummy. Myspace angle/editing at its best.


Most of those chicks are pretty good. WTF, are your friends dating supermodels or something?

Why the fuck do you care what we think of your taste in women?

Just don’t go out with any dumb bitches and it’s none of my business.


Well just think of it as merely asking for a second opinion on something. I know how my boys feel, now I have a whole group of my peers to get a better idea if my taste is adequate. It’s not nesessarily that I CARE what you think, I would just like to know.

damn, Megan Metamorphosis

it’s funny how she’s puckering in that last pic like she’s still got it

some chicks can straight up ruin you bra, watch out

Relevant to my interests.