"Ain't my style!" Paul General Discussion Thread

Cross up j.mk depends on the height of the char too I believe. I was trying it on King and I could never cross up no matter how hard I tried with Backthrow, F. Dash, J.mk. Then I tried it on paul and I could get it to cross up all the time and could use J.lk for a fake cross-up.

I think I tested it on paul and ryu. yeah, could be character dependent, but I’d wager it works on most of the cast.

You can do HK shredder, s.HPx2 xx PS in the corner, kinda neat I guess.

with CADC or just linking? tried a few times, wasn’t able to do it. I’m in a hurry so can’t do it properly atm.

Hmm…makes sense. Well, I think the meaty cross-up is good enough. In 1.06 I think you would probably get reversal’d pretty easily anyway.

Also, the combo after LK Mountain Raze is much easier now, right? Been testing out Paul in training mode and comboing after it is a real pain…

Hmm…now I need to find a partner for Paul. Tried Law and while the team is fun, I just can’t get the feel for Law.

All raze versions juggle like EX raze now. and since hk shredder was changed, his bnb has become waay easier, yet does way more damage.

[403] cl.mp, c.hp xx Raze, HK Shredder, cl.hk xx Smasher
[413] cl.hp, c.mp xx Raze, HK Shredder, cl.hk xx Smasher

btw, I now think that cl.hp xx LP Smasher is the easiest to use after shredder. even easier then cl.hk.

Personally I tend to hit the button too soon with cl.HP, whiffing the PS completely and/or getting the 60 damage hit. s.HK feels so autopilot after shredder I can’t not use it imo. It also looks a lot cooler, probably one of my favorite cancels in the game aesthetically.

I tested it and wasn’t able to miss the timing with mashed cl.hp. you have to use LP Smasher tho.

I think cl.hk looks weird in that combo, but it does kinda fit Paul’s awkward awesomeness. x)

I tested it too to confirm I wasn’t mistaken, but I got the 60 damage hit a lot, and then I whiffed the PS unless I super charged it. But yeah, LP PS never whiffs, so that’s one issue gone.

And I just love how he reels back with a left kick then delivers a heavy blow with his right arm, looks so devastating.

Same here man, ever since I figured out you could do that, I always stick to it. I think it’s one of the coolest cancels in the game, reminds a bit of his 3, 2 in tekken :smiley:

Nyways, I played with Ryu against Alisa yesterday and my god she’s frustrating, she’s even worse than lame Guile.
Her AA is impossible to stuff, even empty jumping doesn’t work, her hitbox is way too big. And the fact that her AA is a simple push of the button (not a motion) makes it a lot harder too.
Another problem are her fireballs, maybe I’m just mistiming it, but I had A LOT of trouble trying to neutral jump that sh*t. And u can’t seem to tatsu over it either.
So I thought by myself, well I have a fireball why not spam it myself, well I’m not the greatest zoner around here so it wasn’t getting me anywhere, also Alisa has a special where she flies full screen and kicks u in the face, so yeah I stopped doing that pretty quick.
My only solution was pushing her to the corner and blocking all the fireballs, but when I was in footsierange, it was still hard. I don’t know if they nerfed his normals, but I had a hard time landing my cr.MK or cr.MP.

I then switched to Paul and she became a lot easier to deal with.
A lower jump arc making it harder for her to AA me, mountain raze to go thru her fireballs, mortar punch to keep on the pressure and close the gap, St.MK and cr.MK when I’m in footsierange. And to further reward the effort, there’s the big amount of damage I am able to deal.
This made me think, is Paul stronger than Ryu now, or is it just this particular matchup ?

EDIT: Btw, Paul his cr.HP is a lot better than I expected, I’ve never been stuffed so far.

Think I’ll try using cr.hp as an AA again like the old days, since lk.shredder is good but I’m just not used to playing a dp char so I can never react in time.

Also when Alisa has her chainsaws out she can’t block right? Seems like a situation where lp.sway xx smasher would be handy.

Alisa can still block if she has her chainsaws out.

Ah, don’t know where I got that idea from then. I guess they just love moving foward when they have them out.

I thought so too lol, maybe it’s in Tekken ?

I tried searching for it and came up empty, with throws seemingly being important now is it known that Paul has a pretty decent kara throw with S.HP? On top of the extra range because Paul actually does the spin of HP I feel people are blocking it more than teching it. Plus if you ever screw up the kara (or sometimes fish for the counterhit on a premptive tech) you can LP Sway out of it.

If I recall correctly, I thought capcom deliberately made the decision to remove kara from their games, as far as I know there are no kara throws/specials in SFxTK.

S.hp Karathrow is in the game. tho, it’s not very good, and since throws have almost no range to begin with it’s even less useful.

For instance, one s.lp on block and you’re out of throw range already. here the kara throw hits, but just add a 2nd s.lp and it doesn’t hit either.

Oh okay, I remember Seth Killian saying in an interview that there are no kara throws or specials in SFxTK. It was something unintentional in SF4 or something.

Doubtful, since it was also in SF3. I’d say it’s more of a glitch that has become part of the system mechanics - like wave dash. AFAIR that was some sort of glitch too.

Since plink is possible, I’d imagine kara~ is also possible, otherwise throwing would be too difficult (have to exactly be LP + LK and not LP~LK or anything)

I could imagine Capcom trying to make all of characters’ normals to not move forward at frame 1 to give no range to kara throw, but I could guess they forgot about some of them.