"Ain't my style!" Paul General Discussion Thread

Not even Paul makes me like this awful game, even though I’ve mained the guy in Tekken since 3. I feel sorry for him to be included in this mess.

Gotta love the trolls leaving bait out in the open

sweet! lookin fwd to playing him even tho his face resembles that of an ass

He looks fun to play with, plus they gave him a personality.


I’m the best in the universe, that’s a bold statement Paul

That’s why the aliens are after him.

being dumb? ._.

really, tekken 4 paul had so much style. heck even tekken 2 paul was way cooler. they made him overly comedic [along with heihachi for instance]. together with law they look like a white version of RUSH HOUR : X. I’m not fond of his design at all =/ dat ending… that’s my paul.

still gonna main him + cody. we know he’s in.

5:15 - he has a rather crappy ‘backhop’ [reminds me of cody’s]
5:17 - overhead [again looks like cody’s hammerhook] - seems like a special moves (as he only does them for the next seconds)
5:19 - death fist as a special move. his charge special.
5:23 - death fist ex version wall bounces.
5:33 - leaps into the air and does a bomb drop ‘overhead’-ish special move… FAAALCOOON… nvm, I’d guess the ground overhead is something like LP version, and this the hp version or something
5:54 - hop kick. -another special?
6:11 - he has his ‘sway’ it seems. does the lunge punch followup


Aiming for the Top

A hot-tempered fighter who aims to be the toughest fighter in the universe. He is Law’s eternal sparring partner. He has suffered a countless number of defeats in battle, but refuses to give up. Instead he takes on these challenges head-on. He is currently mired in a mountain of debt, but after hearing news of a mysterious box in the Antarctic, him and Law head off to obtain it and the potential riches it would reward them with.
■Comrades Forever: Law

(this is his falcon punch leap… seems to avoid projectiles)


Nvm, guy above me already made a list. Paul seems very versatile right now.

Seem to be overstating that a little aren’t they, ya he lost to kuma, but he avenged that, drew Kazuya and beat human ogre. They make him sound like dan or something.

Nice, I’ll add it to the first post.

If he doesn’t have Demo Man, then Capcom just shortchanged another Tekken character.

Goofy Paul > serious Paul btw. Him being not all that bright makes him stand out in the long list of gi-wearing fighters. I find him much more entertaining than Dan for example.

god no… both franchises have plenty enough goofy characters. nothing wrong with being just an honest brawler who loves to fight.
I mean he still can have his moments with law, but they changed his very base concept aswell, making him liek a dumb retard with an IQ of -6.

btw, I’m gonna be VERY active in the paul forums, be warned xD

I kind of like a mix of both pauls. There are already a ton of dedicated fighters and comedy characters. I like how he has his goofy personality, but can back it up.

I swear Paul is like one of the strongest dudes in all of Tekken but he gets screwed out of winning the tournament.

He looks like a retard in this game…

Didn’t he win in Tekken 1???

No kazuya did, he kind of won tekken 3(he beat ogre, but he didn’t realize ogre transformed, and Jin beat true ogre) but he lost any support from the world in regards to being considered the winner by the time of tekken 4 because he would’t shut up about how he won it.