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IGN:** Ufgt SRKID: AzN_Skater Class: Templar Race: Asmodian
IGN: Chunners SRKID: DominoLogic Class: Templar Race: Asmodian
IGN: Rhexx SRKID: rhexx Class: Gladiator Race: Asmodian
IGN: Grilfriend SRKID: Sleazoid Class: Ranger Race: Asmodian
IGN: Renault SRKID: AlphaDragoon Class: Assassin Race: Elyos
IGN: Malphas SRKID: Camptodactyly Class: Assassin Race: Asmodian
IGN: Nevers SRKID: supreme jd Class: Sorceror Race: Asmodian
IGN: Evileet SRKID: Evil Class: Sorceror Race: Asmodian
IGN: FallenOutcast SRKID: FallenOutcast Class: Spiritmaster Race: Asmodian
IGN: Mno SRKID: Mno Class: Cleric Race: Asmodian
IGN: Cecille SRKID: InfiniDragon Class: Cleric Race: Elyos


IGN:** Queeny SRKID: tonylew84 Class: Cleric Race: Asmodian

IGN: Blake SRKID: InfiniDragon Class: Gladiator Race: Elyos
IGN: Remiel SRKID: InfiniDragon Class: Assassin Race: Elyos
IGN: Cosette SRKID: InfiniDragon Class: Chanter Race: Elyos

How is the grind? Is it equally friendly to solo players as it is to group play? Is any of it instanced? How is PvP in your opinion compared to other MMO’s?

this is not dungeon and fighter fuck this shit

Compared to ncsoft’s old MMOs, it’s actually nowhere near a grind. Koreans were complaining it was too easy to level in beta, haha. The quests usually have nice(not boringly long) cut-scenes and other shit where you ‘play’ the cut-scene and you’re all godlike. I’m really enjoying it, so far. I’ve played every beta event as different classes and I honestly don’t mind doing it again with one stable class when it hits live.

It’s reasonably solo-friendly. Although as any other game, End-Game pretty much requires a solid group. My main class is a Cleric, soloing is a bitch 15~ and onward, but it’s easily doable. I just like helping friends out and it works to my advantage.

There are ‘instances’ in the game.

The PvP so far is great, I really like. I used to play WoW ‘competitively,’ laugh at me. TKoE was my old guild, was in CC on BWL and Exodus in KT. Played with/against Sodah, Litreocola, etc. etc. My roommate Zangief player was always in the SK100 in top 3 as a Player.

I haven’t had a chance to get down and dirty in PvP at level cap, but from what I’ve experienced it’s nice. You’ve got your CCs, interrupts, etc. like any staple PvP MMO. Flying PvP is kinda nifty, although it’s one of the features I don’t prefer that much, but flying is limited in this game so it’s not like you can just run or fly away. As it is now, every class is pretty much balanced in PvP. Every game has tiers, though. Templars are supposed to be meh, but some guy won the Korean 1v1 Tournament with a Templar, he’s a beast.

There’s chains in this game too, like combos and it’s nice in PvP to have options and choices to make on switching your chains defensively or offensively.

Are Gladiators supposed to be tanks or DPS?

Only speaking of end-game.

Gladiators are DPS, they can easily tank anything that isn’t end-game though.

They’re a DPS based class, with good AoE DPS.

Templars are the basic tanks. Plate, Sword n’ Board, etc.

EDIT - Random background info about Templars.

NCsoft: Calling the Templar a maestro of defense wouldn?t be far from the truth, but I wouldn?t say its only purpose is to be an Atreian punching bag. With their high defense and various shield skills, they can inflict some serious damage on their opponents. Also, depending on the situation, a Templar can change the sword, mace or shield into a great sword and can morph into a ?damage delay? form. So while its attack is lower when compared to the Gladiator, it would be unwise to ignore the Templar?s powerful attacks.

NCsoft: Yes! More specifically, they can heal themselves while tanking - they can fight with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, while chanting spells of protection. Healing as they defend from the frontline of the battlefield is one of the best features of being a Templar.

NCsoft: Templar?s really shine in grabbing and holding agro from mobs and then smashing them back with their shield. They have direct taunts, as well as AoE taunts. Combine that with a Stigma skill that allows them to blow off the doors of a castle; they do everything they can to keep the damage off of their party members. In fact, they even have a skill that allows them to target a party member and take on their damage.

The shield is what enables knockbacks and by Level 13, the Templar already has 4 different skills utilize the shield. At first your shield will merely stun the enemy for a brief time but after you progress some more you will be able to knock enemies right to the ground. This will open the enemy up to be blasted by more chain skills by you or your group.

NCsoft is gross. That is all.

EDIT: Any MMO specifically designed for Koreans and/or the Japanese is an MMO I never, ever want to play. Real talk.


For once I agree with Lothar.


I have been hearing so much good feedback about the game that I am really tempted to try it out come its release. I am currently playing ( and enjoying ) Final Fantasy XI, but I am yearning for a fresh take on the PvE ‘hack’n’slash’ gameplay.

I never played WoW, as I couldn’t stand it. It’s PvP was completely sub par compared to Dark Age of Camelots, but then again, nothing has come close to the depth and character individuality as DAoC did. The combat system sounds very interesting though. Glad to hear solo play is at least somewhat there, as I wouldnt have an ass load of time to devote when logging in, until graduating next Spring.

Thanks for the info. I agree with a lot of people, as I am not a fan of NC Soft at all, but this one sounds different.

Honestly I know the vibe between casuals and Korean MMOs, or just ‘the grind’ in general. But Aion is different, it’s designed for the US.

Honestly leveling, etc. is quite easy.

Iunno, here’s some random facts I like about Aion so far.

Gathering, etc. pretty much everything gives a nice bit of experience. At lev9 when you specialize in your class the quest gives you like 72k Experience which brings you to lev10 instantly from pretty much 0 bar. I like being able to feel the class change rather than specializing then having to level up a few to get the new skills, gear, proficiency, etc.

If you play for 1 hour straight a system message appears saying “You have been playing for 1 hour. Please take a break for your health.” I heard a rumor if you play for more than 3 hours straight some of your Mob experience gets taxed by a percentage. To stop grinders/bots, I guess? I mean if you’re grinding it’s for loot anyway.

You can switch channels in zones, but make sure if you’re in a group or with a friend you both switch to the same zone. IE, Channel 1 in Munihele Zone has mobs you need for a quest and it’s overrun by the major population, spawn camped, etc. You can switch to another “Channel” in that Zone where it’s apparent to playing on a different server. Only for PvE to my knowledge.

The first and only repeatable quest I got too was sick. It was a 1/100 Repeatable for some Exp and 500 Kinah(gold) and all it required was you talking to an NPC, traveling straight ahead for a little bit, and delivering supplies to that NPC. Repeat if you’re lazy and need gold.

Chain casting is really cool.

The cutscenes in the game are refreshing and give a nice touch without overdoing it.

I dunno but there is this random ass feature that interests me on how it works. Like, I guess a certain string of words will cause your character to randomly emote? For instance I was just bullshitting and told some player “Ay bay bay, pretty eyes.” and my character Greeted them warmly and smiled devilishly. And when I raped some dude in a 1v1 my character went over to his body and “Assumed a Victorious Pose.” Then laughed.

I’m playing right now, but I want more people to play when it hits Open beta/Live!

Aion is by far the best looking MMO to date, the amount of detail in the game is mind blowing. I’ve been playing Chinese retail for a while with my gf now, and a few other friends. Pretty much everyone that I’ve shown some previews has wanted to play it instantly.

You can solo, but there are missions (different from quests, missions progress story line basically) that you will need groups for later. There are instanced dungeons for raiding, but that isn’t what the game is about so don’t expect a ton of them like WoW. They are doing lots of content updates already though and adding a lot more raid type dungeons.

Pvp is basically geared more towards group pvping. After a certain level range you’re eventually going to be in the Abyss leveling up, which is the PvPvE environment. You don’t have to group here, but you’ll probably run into the opposite side and they more than likely will have multiple people.

I could answer probably most questions if anyone has any, the game is way too sick…if you’ve had any previous disappointment with NCSoft or have been waiting to try it, I’d definitely say you need to give it a go.

The game’s graphics reminds me of Lineage 2. I love NCSoft and its games, but I have a couple of questions.

1.) How’s the farming? Is it like WoW, where it’s easy as hell to gain money or is it like Lineage 2 where you’ll find yourself grinding for some gold?

2.) What’s the level cap?

I’m already going to pick this game up because I’m an NCSoft fanboy but just curious about the game.

The market is pretty much strictly based on the players. You can’t grind for hours and sell your random grays and whites to an npc and make decent money (It’s pretty shitty money actually.) It’s all selling what’s needed at the Auction House basically. Quests supply you with some ok money starting out, but it’s nothing to really upkeep yourself with. With that said I’d say it’s like WoW in that you’re making the best money selling on the AH, but you’re getting the best stuff from either gathering it (for crafts), selling your crafts, or just grinding mobs while questing and selling their drops which are usually for crafts as well. If you couldn’t tell, crafting is actually very useful in this game.

Right now the level cap is set for 50 on the US release, it isn’t like Lineage2 in that leveling sense, infact the first 20 levels are probably as easy as WoW, after that it’s a noticeable difference in difficulty, but with the cap being 45 (50 in Korean, and US version) you’re already half way there so it’s to be expected.

all the pc cafes here have been had aion, i rarely see people playing it though. you say it’s only in beta?

The US version is in beta. The reason why you hardly see people playing it is because Koreans probably hit max level in a week and went back to Lineage 2 . :lol:

Koreans only play games that cause them mental, physical and spiritual pain, i.e. Lineage 2.



This that stupid ass angel/demon game? MMO’s just keep getting lamer and lamer.

i never see people playing lineage either actually, it’s mostly DoTA, fifa 2 online and counterstrike with some WoW sprinkled in.

Does anyone know if the voice packs can be easily changed when this game comes to the west? There’s no voice audio for the most part in the beta since there’s been no recordings added for the english versions, but after seeing who they got for the Japanese versions, I kinda want to use that for my game. I know you can change it for the Korean/Chinese retail versions but I dunno if they’ll lock it out for our versions (US + EU)