Air combo into Infinite

With Iron Man, is there any way to start off the infinite from the magic series air combo? For those who don’t know, it’s launch then sj. lp, lk,lp,lk,fp,fk. Sometimes I do this aircombo, and then get a few hits afterwards, but end up missing my oppurtunity to start the infinite. I’ve tried the jumping in fierce kick setup which works fine, but I want something more damaging for a setup, thas relatively easy. Whas da deal?

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Sure you can, but you need the right assist. I know you can do fly combo setups with either Ruby Heart capture or War Machine anti air. Otherwise, no, unless you count the corner setup, cause you’re kind of doing an air combo.

Learn how to do the Japan setup! c.LK, c.MP, sj.LP, dash forward, sj.LP, sj.uFP, land, start infinite with j.LK. To sj cancel the c.MP, let the joystick go back to neutral then sj. SJ cancel the instance you press the button.

Your opponent probably just forgot to block.

When you launch someone into an AC, you put them into superjumping state, hence they can’t be guardbroken.

Another AC setup is:

launch, sj. up + fp, air dash straight down/down to back, sj. lp, sj. up + fierce, land, rejump, start infinite

this was against the computer when they have autoguard on…and somehow i got it off…but i guess maybe it mighta been possible that after i hit them with u+fp they had enough time for the game to reregister to let them take the first hit

I was at china town fair and this guy caught me in the air very hgih did some ironman aircombo and somehow managed to bring me down to infinite height and proceeded with the infinitte. It is definately possible, but it was all a blur and all i remember is that it involved a :wtf:. Needless to say it was a very effective combo and it definately makes ironman more dangerous. I stopped using Ironman because it is very very hard to get his infinite against anyone with a clue about blocking since ironman is so friggin slow. But this new infinite setup definately makes ironman more dangetrous since a casual slip up in the air can lead to an infinite too.

Hey man, I don’t know you and you don’t know me but my best advice is just to learn WarMachine. Why, you ask?
Well, it’s because he has two supers instead of one. Yes, can you believe it!! TWo!!! His color is black. ONce you go black, you never every go back. The color will go great with chocolate sentinel. And add a little Dhalsim to your team every once in a while to put some of that Indian spice into.

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aircombo into inf…

sj lp, lk, long pause mk, (IM should be coming down from SJ height) long pause up+hp, airdash down hp, go into infinite (sj lp, ad fwd, up hp, then go into inf. = more successful, only if ur good at avoiding the tigerknee unibeam)

timing is can be very hard. works alot easier on heavier characters … havent got it to work on cable yet. but works on storm, sent, cammy … go test it out on others. this does not work at full SJ height, so it isnt that reliable.

there is another variation to this inf. setup i came up with if u want it, just post

IM also can aircombo his UNFLY inf into his normal infinite from an aircombo, and has aircombo inf setups with assists… just ask and ill post.

that’s a good way to start the infinite if you’ve already jumped in w/ j.lp s.lp s.lp launch. that’s the only way to start the infinite if you’ve already landed a combo while standing then you’ve launched them because any other fp besides up + fp will knock them down or to the corner

that’s not the only way, you can use japanese setups too or corner flying screen / jab unibeam setup …

well um, a begin type set up for the corner is

crouching lp crouching med punch , crouching heavy punch, cancel into fierce beam start combo.

Im hvin a bit of truble to make it long any tips?

Super jump cancel

How do you cancel the superjump? Is it just the matter of pressing a button right as you superjump? I try to do the C.lp but then the superjump never comes out.

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it goes:

launch -> u.fp -> dash df lp -> u. fp land, infinite.

its really easy to do, that “nun” guy used it a billion times too.


Geekboy posted the correct, more popularly known-to-be japanese setup

to superjump after the, try a reverse TK lp, or putting the stick to neutral, then down-up, the second the punch comes out and you hear his grunt

or if ur in tha corner do magic series ending with up+fp a/d forward fp, hk, lk, lp, u+hp start infinite. if u go to multimedia and look for marvel vids. check out Scott A. vs. Sin 3 of 3 and watch the aircombo that he does to sentinel in the corner. it can be connected i’ve done it u just gotta get the timing right

Sweet set ups

1.Launch,D+HP (PAuse for a quick half second) ad downfwd.
lk,lk,U+Hp land…infinite.

2.if u like to reset do this sometimes…Launch,Tri jump behind them… then Up+hp land…infinite(use this as a backup if ur in a shit loads of trouble,lol)dont do this more than once cause of course they gonna guard it the next time(depending on ya opponenet).

3.corner set up reset w/sentinel(Y) assist:Launch,Up+hp ad fwd hp…hk lk,lp,lk,u+hp then infinite…do a couple a hits tull like 35 hits…fake ur opponent while in infinite lp,lp,lk land then call sent assist+ grab wit Hp send opponenet into drones then set up infinte again wit lk,lp,lk etc etc or do a proton cannon.

ill post more later on

i hoped this helped the needy

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ummmm yeah

i want to know how to do the infinite, but i’m unfamiliar with all the gaming lingo:(
any help would be cool

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