Air combo Serpent Wave?

Is this at all possible without using the assistance of the wall? I mean, I can land a lvl3 after New Wave doubel kick in the corner, but even then it’s tricky.

P.S. Kyo’s the shit; yes he is.

Yep, it’s possible. You can land a lvl 3 serpent wave after a new wave smash pretty much anywhere. Another way is to trade hits with his oniyaki (demon scorcher? that dp move), then do any lvl serpent wave, and it’ll connect. Aside from his cc, it’s probably the only reason you would even want to use that awful dp.

And I agree, he is the shit. Too bad all his moves get stuffed like a turkey.

I’m guessing you’re talking about his qcb,hcf+p super.

The easiest way to combo it is to buffer it off of landing a far roundhouse. You can combo it at any level. It looks wierd and looks like it’s too slow, but it’ll combo every time.

If that’s not what you’re talking about then sorry, but I can’t imagine trying to combo anything else in the corner that requires super meter.

HEY Kyos Dp isnt that bad…at least the HP one isnt. I dont really use the other two much at all. For me its semi crucial to my wake up games. As for landing his lvl3 serpent wave, you have to use the LK version of the QCF+K move. Works 95% of the times u just have to do it fairly quickly but it does miss some times on smaller characters.

Any of you guys use Kyo in C? Cuz I’ve been messing around and I was wondering if its possible to do a lv2 super (that column of fire one into punch…err name escapes me) till till the last hit knocks the enemy down then lv2 cancel into qcf+mk or hk then into a lvl1 serpent wave?

Of course it’s possible. You have to be in the corner though to connect with the Orochinagi …

c.MP xx qcf x2 + MP xx qcf + HK, K, dp + MK, (corner) qcb-hcf + P (15 hits)

But it’s more practical to just do …

c.MP xx qcf x2 + MP xx qcf + HK, K, dp + HK (15 hits)

The damage is nearly equal, you just use 2 level of meter and you can do it anywhere on the screen.

The timing on the dp+hk can be tricky some times, so you may find it easier to substitute in hcb+fk instead, the dmg is only slightly less.

If you want to go for some sytle points though and are in the corner try this version xx X2 qcf +hk, k, f+hp, qcb-hcf + p
it may not seem like the timing is right but it does work

if you are not in the corner and feel like doing this anyway, you can just cancel the f+hp into hcb+fk and Kyo will knock them to the corner and immediatly follow after them, it can make for some usefull pressure routines.

The qcf+mp 2, then qcf+hk connects? I don’t think it does.

It’s c-goove, so you can lvl.2-cancel the qcf x2 + MP into qcf + HK which leads at the end to 11000 damage.

Now realize, C-Kyo is the shit :smiley:

How do you juggle with a Lvl 1 or 2 Orochinagi after after a qcf + forward, forward? I only manage to get it to connect once in a while. Lvl 3 connect everytime. What’s the secret to getting the Orochinagi to connect after the kicks?