Air Combos...Tips?


Does anyone have any tips on connecting air combinations, I’m constantly screwing them up, I’m not sure if its my speed or what but…

5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, Launch, S.j, 5A, 5A, 5B, 5B, j, 5C. ~ 10 Hits, 15.247 Billion Damage.

First part is easy, Launch calened into super jump…then…I begin the 2 5As, by the second A, the opponent is already falling and I end up having to either mash or cancel into a super.

I really want to hit my combinations cleanly and I have a lot of trouble…

Sorry for the stupid questions, but any tips would be appreciated


practice , practice, oh and did I mention practice?


Also keep in mind that some combos are character-specific, so j.a j.a j.b j.b might not work with every character.


What’s the “launch cancelled into a super jump” part? It’s not just pressing up after the launchan?


Launch is 3C, then press either 8 or 9 to do the Super jump. Because in TVC, super jump is crouching and then jump, aka pressing 2 and then 8, 9.

Checkout Keits’ Primer. It really is helpful for these things.


yea the same thing happens to me, like with Ryu I want to do : launcher > LLMM > MM
I can superjump and do the first two Ls successfully, but then I can barely do the 1st M and after that I find my opponent falling down…
there are 2 aspects you should focus on: (btw I’m using the GC controller >_<)
1-Timing… I realized I had pressing too fast , or sometimes I make more inputs/jumps and that screws my combo
2-Practice… I think we both really need it :slight_smile:


a lot of the combos in this game change depending on the size and fall speed of the character you’re fighting against. for example, a combo that works on ryu may not work on roll or v.joe

you usually use less hits for floaty or small characters


try cutting some hits out of it. launch > a,a,b,8,b,b is pretty standard. just work on the timing.


You don’t need to super jump, just hold ‘9’ to follow. Also, “ride” the chain up, don’t wait until you reach the apex of your jump to start your hitting chain.


I should probably be clearer. I’m not really doing a super jump, just holding 8/9 to follow the launch. I used the wrong terminology. I’ll try starting the hits earlier.

I played a lot online last night and got raped pretty hard, missing combos left and right. I spend most nights about an hour or so in training repeating combos and then go online and try em out.