Air combos

What’s the most damaging string Kyosuke can do in the air? The best I can come up with is: launching RH, jumping JP, jump SK, jumping SP, QCF+K, XX into his Air super in P Groove.

Is there anything he can really abuse with those air combos? I’ve seen vids of Kyosuke in C-Groove and S Groove doing wild stuff, but are they practical in play?

One of my main combos in N groove in d/f Rh j.Jp, j.Sk, j.Sp, j.Fp, j.Rh it builds meter quickly when landed.

Another one is d.Jp, d.Sk(buffer into level 3).

kyosuke can do air comboes? how is this started up?

Hold the joystick down/forward then press roundhouse. Tap up after you’ve launched the opponent to jump automatically. Seriously, the launch doesn’t have the best priority, but it’s good for show.

im trying to air combo w him but the it seems like u have to press the buttons really fast. whats the timing on them?

the timing is actually kinda fast its lik u basicly press each button rigtafter eac other with no timein between

i dont understand all those letterings,

im used to lp lk mp mk hp hk.