air combos



does any 1 have any useful blackheart air combos? i would reall appreciate it?:frowning:


There is not much call to AC with Blackheart, but you do occasionally land that launcher or air jab. If you do, the best air combo to go for is:

SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong, AD.Forward, SJ.Jab… finisher

You can end this combo in a few ways:

  1. SJ.Short, airthrow. Best finisher, but vulnerable to tech hits and counter throws. You can add a SJ.Strong in the corner.
  2. SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward. Near the corner, this is the best way for assured damage. You can get killed doing this away from the corner though.
  3. SJ.Strong, wait, SJ.Jab, SJ.Strong. The second Jab-Strong won’t combo, but it will keep them in blockstun on the way down and have you land on top of them, which is good.

Alternately, SJ.Fierce xx Judgement Day immediately off a launch works on an inconsistent basis.



Nice now im learning some new AC with BH where i play not alot of people use BH so i don’t really pick up new moves with BH around here but now it’s good u guys r sharing your tricks laterz


lemme get this straight u can air dash and tag on a four hits instead of 3 in da air? and can u cancel into Judgement Day in an air combo?


well the basic air combo i do:

1)after a launcher, SJ: LP, LK, LP, LK, LK. but i recommend doing this only near the corner, as dash and turn to that liquid form if you send him flying across the screen. this will make you vulnerable to a quick rushdown of a mag and cables hyper viper beam.

  1. after a launcher, SJ: (hold forward trough out the combo) LP, pause, LK, quickly air dash, FP. (ends in the grab)


that black heart’s super jump Fierce to judgement day. does that even work? the way i see it is that it only works if the player isnt blocking. but then again you did said its very inconsistent, probably same inconsistency as an inferno + armageddon.

those picking him up: ( a simple black heart tip)

if youre next to the opponent and he is against the corner, if you try to pull off inferno + heart of darkness and you mess it up ( inferno comes out but heart of darkness didnt) just crouch and do c.LK, c.LK and when those two connected you may then follow it up with (he can block this) inferno + armageddon for chip damage.


It does combo (if you can find my combovideo #0, I do the combo in there) but it’s inconsistent because of that first set of demons that come out of the JD… sometimes they come out higher and sometimes they come out lower. If they come out higher, it’ll combo.