Air-Dark Smasher

Has anybody had much luck Tigerkneeing this move? My brother and I’ve both tried it and the results are a lot different from, say Kim’s hishou kyaku or Geese’s qcb, u+p. Rugal tends to either jump and elbow the opponent or throw a regular reppuken when we try

I don’t think the Tiger Crush has as much (or more) upward movement than it does horizontal.

you can’t tigerknee it. Just jump and do it as fast as you can. It works pretty good like that anyway.

i have and do it all the time its possibly his best move:D

if it’s a overhead perhaps capcom made it so that you can only do it at a certain point in the air. Like akuma’s dive kick.

they may have made it impossible to tigerknee so it doesn’t add a fast over head to rugal which may have been deemed strong enough without it.

I don’t know.

You can do it and like Zell9 said its probably his best move in battle, hard to paryy and JD since it comes out so quick. I just back or forward dash and towards the end of the dash animation I just super jump and quickly do qcf lp. The lp puch version is the easiest to do since it comes out quickest, Rugal will hardly get any distance off the ground when he doest it.

are you using it in a groove with small jump?

My brother’s using N groove.

its usually easier to TK moves in non-small jump grooves. its because special moves are disabled during a small jump.

You can tigerknee any air move. Whoever said you can’t tigerknee it is wrong, completely.

If you’re worried about getting a small jump, just go from neutral, tap down, then qcf, uf, up +p

because you went from neutral to down and then up, you’ll get a superjump tk.

I tiger knee my Sakura dive kicks all the time. Man, it’s too crazy… :lol:

you cant tigerknee this move. Mummy-B is wrong. and i challenge him to a $50 CvS2 match. whoever gets the first hit wins.

i actually never been able to tk sak’s dive kicks. or…i have but it’s not as low to the ground as a mai or kim’s TKed moves.(maybe the same holds true for rugal’s dive?)

and for the small jump groove thing. you kind of have to ‘superjump’ it in order to avoid the small jump problem. at least that’s what i do, but it’s harder to pull off consistantly.

So in small jump grooves you gotta super jump it. Cool, I’ll tell Kat. His Rugal was killing folks down in San Diego with that move. He never got the hang of tigerkneeing it though.
Probably because of the small jump.
Someone said use the lp version too? Cool. Got to let bro know.

Works very well against people who dont know who to stop it. Against good players though it’s usefulness drops considerably. If you still want to try it, I would suggest changing which one you use, which will delay the timing Jab being the shortest and fierce being the longest. This can even throw off the timing of good players so they may dragon early.

Ok, there it is. My bloodshot eyes are decieving me here. Well hell that’s not a true tigerknee move then. Dunno been practicing a lot and it’s hard as fuck to do otherwise.

Well fuck I did it! Takes a bit of getting used to though. Shit that’s hard to do on a d-pad. My thumbs aren’t up to it.
Oh, ok, a superjump tk. I get it now.

I knew you could tk it, I just never really had time to practice it. But now, for consistency, I see how much concentratation I gotta put in.

Golden Token cabinets suck.

**Well, CONGRATULATIONS Hellion! You can now kick some Rugal~Butt! **