air dash polls

or not being able to fly/dash in the air?

i just wanna know what percentage of this forum is in to what kind of fighters. IMO there are 2 different sorts of 2d fighters. we have the traditional fighters like the kofs and sf games, along with vampire hunter, samurai shodown, fatal fury’s and the likes. the second sort of games came to life with the xmen games and later on the GG series, arcana hearts and the likes.

the biggest difference between these games is that you can do air combos (air chains, not 2/3 hit ones like sf or rb, but multi hits like xmen vs sf and the likes). in the traditional fighters you cant double jump or dash in the air (WH nins can double jump, and VH hsien ko can air dash, but they don’t count. everybody needs to be able).

lately doujin fighters and the likes of the GG series have become really popular. personally im not that into flying fighters. id like to know how the majority of the forum members thinks about these games. do you prefer fighters the traditional way without flying to your opponent and air dashing/double jumping. or the ones with them in it? or do you happen to like either one equally depending on the game and the series to make your mind up. vote in the poll please. just curious.

i like air dashes (and ‘flying’?) in fighting games.

in my opinion, the more movement patterns available is better, as long as it enriches the overall gameplay. i think it only becomes a problem when it leads to something really stupid that benefits very few characters out of the entire cast… like storm just flying all day in marvel or something.

what i personally dislike about these sorts of games is that you can freely fly, no bar or anything needed. and another worse part about it is those air chains and lengthy combos. i dont like it when a fighter has an option like combo breakers in them. they shouldnt be needed as infinites shouldnt be possible in games IMO, again just my 2 cents. MOTW/SF3TSm style combos and juggles are my preferred style. i just cant get into the MVC2 groove.

I prefer the older style games as the vs style ones have got too much going on for me.

The only one I could get into was Hokuto No Ken but even then Juda’s entire game confuses the shit out of me.

I guess I’m just simple.

I prefer air dashing/dbl jumps and the like.

Has to be all or none, however. No mvc2-style ish like Orka said.

It doesn’t really matter to me. If it’s a good game, I’ll play it because I just like the way it feels and it’s fun.

For instance, Sengoku BASARA X and Melty Blood: Actress Again looks to have me covered as far as “flying through the air, combo-driven” games go, but the arcade versions of Akatsuki and MONSTER, as well as KOF XII, interest me a lot, and they all play in the “old school” style of no air-dashes. And there are a lot of “old school” fighters that I still play fairly religiously (RB2 and KOF98 being two of them).

So, again, it doesn’t matter to me.

For the most part, I prefer comparatively slow-paced fighting games with a stronger sense of “gravity” (i.e. no air dashes/aerial raves) and smaller combos that do more more damage per hit.

Then again, besides KOF XI (Arrange), my current favourite game is GGXX: AC, and I look forward to Arcana Heart 2, SBX and BlazBlue at least as much as KOFXII (though that mainly relates to me not being pleased with the direction the series appears to be taking, visually as well as gameplay/roster-wise).

One of my most used XI fighters is Malin, who unquestionably ranks among the most “GG/AH-like” characters in the series, in terms of design as well as gameplay style. On the other hand, the less mobile, power-based Johnny is my main man in AC, and as for the AH series, I endure the chain combo/Homing-heavy system mostly thanks to the character/move design and brilliant Arcana selection feature.

…I suppose all this leaves me straddling the line between old and new. :wonder:

i like unknown in efz

infinites are never intended in a game though they kinda just happen. combo breakers are only for those games that strive to have long devastating combos (non infinite) that could more than likely kill its been like that since KI. best way to counter that would be give moves different properties that way no combo breaker would be needed.

all i’m gonna say is that sentinel’s flight mode is the funnest thing ever in a fighting game.

I prefer games without air dashing and all that. I really don’t know what else to add to the subject, but it just doesn’t feel right most of the time.

Maybe if only a select character has air dashing then it’d be fine. Like if it was designed in the same fashion as a special move or something.

MVC2 AD/Fly is the greatest thing to ever grace a fighting game. GG air dash is too floaty for my tastes but I still enjoy it.

lol truth :tup: