Air dash -> Tatsu?

I have sometimes been able to perform the air dash and cancel it to tatsu with just one qcb-motion, however, I can’t do it consistently. Just been testing with the LP/LK-versions of dash and tatsu.

Been testing with different input speeds of the motions and timings between dash and tatsu but it seems a bit random for me. Anyone care to explain how it works?


Close up it could be used as quick cross-up, like a dive kick, but… you can’t combo after it (I think). Dunno if its punishable on block. I think if you do it fast enough it’s always on the right height to connect, if you use the lk tatsu.

EX tatsu works.
You can do the air dash and do your super in air.
I haven´t tried it so far, but you could in theory hop over a projectile with it.
E.g.: You jump, but instead of falling onto the projectile, you do MP air dash and hop over it, then you can do super (buffer it in air and let it rip once you land).

It depends on how far away you are when you do the dash. If you end up behind them then you need to do the tatsu the other direction.

its a terrible move. Its really sad how so many of Oni´s shenanigans have a crappy balance of risk/reward.

yea its a shame.

That’s why they’re called shenanigans.

ummm no.

Having the option is better than not having the option :slight_smile:

shenanigans aren’t something you should really depend on so yeah. he’s right.

umm did i read it wrong then?

He is saying a move with a high risk and low reward is called a shenanigan. Thats not the definition of a shenanigan, that is a bad shenaningan. Demon flip for example is a good one.

actually if you are close enough and your opponent is near the corner and are fast enough you can actually do U1, I’ve done it a couple of times

So this thread was talking about air dash into tatsu, so lets get back to that. I noticed that MP airdash can actually be cancelled into tatsu just by immediately pressing any kick button after it (no joystiq motions). It appears to be extremely restrictive though, almost like if youre anywhere on screen that you would actually hit the other player, the tatsu won’t come out. I have to mess around with the timing. Also if you hit two kick buttons, an EX tatsu comes out.

Again I’d have to do more messing with the timing and then think about the applications, any ideas? Sorry if this is known, I don’t use the forums much.

This :frowning:

I loved Oni so much when no one knew how to punish him… he really is a bad character though, I hate to say :frowning:

Yeah, it feels like they nerfed him from the get-go. If stomp had start-up invunlerability, or if slash had a reduced recovery time, things would be different. As it is, I’m having to learn footsies the extremely hard way; I can’t hardly ever use any specials without eating a huge combo punisher. But at least Ultra 2 - which is my current icon - is awesome EXCEPT it can be pre-empted by any ex move that has projectile immunity!

Yeah, they seemed way too worried about him possibly ending up over-powered and they over nerfed him from the start, to the point of almost making him worthless. It’s kind of odd that they would be so worried about Oni being too good when they implemented Yun and Yang in the very same DLC :\

Also I was able to stop U2 clean with HK stomp on wake up ultra against a fellow Oni player today so there goes another negative.

If i were to make a wishlist i would revamp his Air dash to make it similar to Akuma/gouken demon flip, its the perfect way to give Oni the way to get in he needs so much and would give him an actual mix up ability because all his options on that department are useless now after a month of play.

It would be simple too: increase range a bit, allow TK, allow it to cancel into air HP and relax the cancel window into tatsu, we could whiff the HP to open ground options, ambigous tatsus would actually work instead of being crap as they are now but it would still be a weaker version of the original move as with all his other borrowed options to keep him balanced.

Or just leave him exactly how he is but make his moves actually safe and let him FADC a blocked Shoryu, lol.