Air Dash Tutorial?

I don’t really understand the concept of airdashing into other moves. Can someone give me a rundown of this?


Different characters have different timespans following the dash where they cannot input an attack. For example, Son-son and Tron have to wait much longer before they can attack during an air dash than Mag or Storm do.

There’s not very much to it aside from that.

If you have more specific questions, then post up again.

Um, I’m trying to learn how to Tri with Magneto, I’m a newb at this game and I understand that Magneto is a complex character to learn but I’m willing to put in time and effort towards learning his moves.

I’m currently using Team Row so I really basically only want to learn how to AD with those 3 (Mag/Sent/Cable)

Cable and Sent don’t have an air dash.

Well can someone give me a more in-depth tutorial on how to Tri-Jump with Magneto because I don’t exactly understand it from the storm explanation in the newb guide.

Magneto can trijump, the other two cant. trijumping is just a matter of jumping, then airdash by pressing both punches (pp), which press holding the direction down or down/forward.IMmediately after dashing press either lk (x2 if u want) or hk and VUAH LA! A triangle jump. Some people prefer to superjump, then airdash, while other prefer to just normal jump. Some people prefer to use lk, lk as there attack, while other prefer hk. It’s all up to you. Which type of trijump and attack u use will depend on the situation.

So is this the combo they’re using to set up infinites?

It’s more like a string to get behind an opponent’s defense to set up anything. Yeah you can end up doing any of his infinites from there.

On of the easiest ways to set up the ROM is c.hp, sj.rh, ad df lk,, land, [, addf,,, land] - repeat in brackets. There is a whole section for Magneto, read it.

So on the am I just pressing PP then lk?

You’re pressing down-forward and pp.

There are videos for how to do stuff with magneto here: & i made this thing [media=youtube]IWW2IkIsfGk[/media]

Man…I still wished you remembered what the 2nd song in that tutorial video is :sad:

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So I’m doing a ad df into an lk twice?

And Magnetro I watched that vid and it kicks some major ass but it would be nice if you listed some of the commands because while I can follow some of it, some of it throws me completely off.

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What is some of the terminology you don’t get in the video? I can prolly help you.

Addicted, you’ve got to learn how to do the leg-work on your own. He took the time to make a video explaining the basics of Magneto and now you want him to hold your hand?

I’m more or less just kidding, but you’ve got to be willing to put more effort into learning the basics-- it won’t come over night. There’s no need to making a video explaining the most basic of things. :wonder:

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You know what you gotta do, people have offered their help, and the resources are there for you if you know how to ask the right questions. Win. Win. Win.

Seriously, all your questions should be answered here.