Air dashing question



I was wondering how the players in the tourneys air dash so fast after throwing out a superjump roundhouse. For me, I release the demons as soon as I lift off the ground from a superjump but I don’t recover from the lag until I am on my way down for about half a second then I recover from the lag. After that, I can air dash but there must be a way to air dash before that. Does anyone know how?


:bluu: There seems to be no more Blackheart users anymore:(
I guess that I would be better off playing Zanglief



well, i dont play BH that much, but i think i can help. In order to air dash quick enough to avoid the lag after the demons, try to do the air dash as soon as the demons start appearing. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


i find no problem cancelling the into the airdash if i use b+pp


Exactly what I do too.


Oh…so that explains it. You can CANCEL the lag after the demons. That must be why they seem to recover so fast from the demons. Thanks a bunch! I will try it as soon as I get my copy back from my brother’s friend.


There are still BH players. We just don’t post much in BH threads because people hate on BH so much that we’ve grown tired of arguing and flaming over a character who happens to not be in the “big 4.”

sigh I really hate that 4 minute thing SRK has. Punish me for typing fast! :bluu: