This is an air FADC I found with gief. haven’t had time to test other characters.
the fa has to be started just before landing, timing is tight, have fun with it or not…

It’s not new - I don’t recall how or why it works, but check out this video

For both of those, my guess is that the animation for the characters doesn’t fully match their hitbox/frame data so allthough it looks like your character is in the air still graphically, technically you are already on the ground. This is probably due to the way both characters pull their legs up during the jump animation.

definitely not new, this exists since vanilla

i think ive seen other vids of it back then, but that all i could find at the moment

your link is for sf4, this was done in AE.

It would be sick if Hakan could do this, it would be like playing 3S!

This works for characters with strange hitbox like blanka or zangief

Try to keep up. That was his point, that it is not new, hence him showing an old video from a different version of SF4