Air fireball super demon setup



I was messing around in training trying to perfect the itabashi slayer when I accidentally came across a different set up. I don’t know if it’s been posted or how viable it is which is why I’m asking about it. The setup is to throw a lp fireball at the peak of a jump, aimed at the opponents chest. Buffer the super demon so that it comes out as soon as you land but right before the fireball hits. I only tested it against a bison n it seemed like a pretty good setup. What to you guys think?


Air fireball has 16 frames of recovery. So, peeps have a huge window where they can just hit you while you in recovery.

Don’t do it.


Update: Yeah you’re right. Tested it out a bit more today. The setup itself has to be spaced just right. It only works if the opponent doesn’t do anything in fear of getting hit by the fireball. Highly gimmicky. With all the other setups this ones too risky. Thanx for the input.


And the Bison could teleport, or Ultra, or (insert any character with any move that is invincible to fireballs)

The only fireball Super gimmick Ive ever seen work is fireball xx Super, and thats IF its the right scenario

[media=youtube]0sCIPuBbqiM&hd=1#t=4m30s"[/media]. I shot the fireball, I see that he FA’d, so I canceled into Super. He was scared and backdashed and then he thought the fireball was gonna it him first


No no no no on air fireball super/(ultra?) . It’s completely suicide.

The fireball super/ultra has a way way higher percentage. And even then it’s suicide though they are viable setups in certain situations - like Rog turnaround or super/ultra through the fireball. Bham! Demoned!


That vid was sweet, good job man. :tup: