air fireball.

I see all the pros do a weird looking air fireball. Not like the normal skinny one thats light, a darker fatter purple one. No, not the super. DONT ACT LIKE YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT… ;_; Ok, plz help. ty.

mine has lazer beams following the blazing ball of FIRE. yes. FIRE.

Its because that vids you are watching are 30 frames a second. Gouki has only two projectiles in air, Gouhadouken, and Mettsatsu Gouhadou.

(I believe Im spelling it right)

Those are the grounded names.
His air projectiles are called Zankuu Hadouken (normal) and Tenma Gou Zankuu (super)

mine has a neat little pink nipple.

no really

I was noticing in the match between JR vs frakie’s that JR was able to combo an air fire ball and dash up and combe with to a rh hurricane kick how is it done is there other combo’s that you can link an air fire ball too?