Air game

Playing yesterday at the ranking battle against a lot of new players, as well as old players with new characters and tactics opened up my eyes to a few new things about Akuma. And lets not forget the money match.

Basically, I want to compile a list of pros and cons when it comes to jumping against specific characters. For example, I realised that I should avoid doing it against Oro since he can dash under so easily, or just use double jumps himself to place himself perfectly to punish me.

This thread will be work in progress as well…

Hugo: You have to jump against him. Only resort to ground game tactics as a mixup during a round, but do not rely on it (well I saw Uraken do this and I have a weakness of carbon copying good tactics and mind games) . Remember that you can get crazy range on your demon flip grab. Condition him with early jump fireballs to stop him from using shootdown backbreakers. Learn how to jump in on him (or straight jump next to him) and do a double hit air hurricane - you can then do ANOTHER air hurricane to lift him up (KYSG does this to Urien in his combo vid). I usually go for the straight jump hurricane attempt after getting in on Hugo with a divekick. Use air hurricanes to stop Hugo from using air attacks himself, and also use them to cross him up - very useful.

Q - almost the same as Hugo, except he doesnt have the shootdown backbreaker, so abuse the air more. Over abuse those demon flip grabs. One nice tactic is to jump over Q, but do a divekick when you’re on top of his head so that you land slightly out of kara throw range, but then go straight into demon flip and grab. Another one is on Q’s wakeup - just stand next to him, then do lk demon flip and grab :bgrin: Be careful with jump back air fireballs as his dash punch can help him get under it, or super version to get through it (Kuroda anyone?)

Dudley - Avoid jumping in on this guy. His normals are very good anti airs and even when they trade with an air fireball, the damage tradeoff just is not worth it. Also remember he can duck under you then super. Better to play a ground game here I think. Even straight jump or jump away air fireballs are risky against him - anyone remember what happened to Match in co-op cup 4? Jump away air fireball - Dudley ducks under it and goes into duck upper - only the second hit gets akuma but sets him up for juggle - Dudley goes for another duck upper and gets both hits - KO. You might instead try and use straight jumps to bait a duck from Dudley…

Oro - I hate this guy. As does everyone. This guy can almost always place himself behind you as you land from a jump and launch you. Painful. Also, his small size makes it very easy for him to parry your jump ins (if he hasn’t already run away/under).

I’ll post more later on Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Yun, Yang, Urien, Chun, Makoto. Any tips on the other characters would be appreciated.

hey naz do you think you’ll ever work more on this thread?

If anyone wants me to…

for sure.

definitely! your advice is very valuable and i spend too much time in the air :looney:

I’ll post what I can. Not right now as I’m busy. Few things I’ll mention that come to mind immediately:

Before someone usually tries to parry your jump-in, they stand neutral for a moment. Now think about when you go for a divekick and it got parried…

  1. Usually if your divekick connects, the opponent was either walking back or forward or in the middle of a move or crouching etc etc
  2. If your divekick was parried, then 95% chance that the opponent stood neutral as you reached the peak of your jump which make it easy for them to parry the divekick.

The point?

Something that I’m trying to develop in my play which I should have ages ago - look at the opponent before committing to a divekick. If it looks like they might parry, go for a late jump-in fierce with an option parry, or neutral jump into hurricane/throw/whatever.

Take it to another level - if they expected a divekick and it didnt come, chances are they dont have something ready for just in case you didn’t go for a divekick. The usual ‘stalemate’ option in this scenario is the player lands neutral and both people tech throws. Its at times like this that a deep jumpin Fierce gets them as they’re about to tech throw.

Try an air fireball instead. Waiting to parry a divekick then seeing an air fireball - they will NOT be ready to deal with it - use this to your advantage.

Hope that helps :tup:

^I feel that this is something every (good?) akuma player has thought about. But for some reason, when I see a player standing neutral, and i jump in and instead of doing a dive kick, attempt to do a fierce, it gets f*cked up by them doing like a jab or some other hit. I seem to have bad luck on jump-ins.
But i think that most of what naz said just takes a while to incorporate into your game. I personally feel that empty jumps with akuma are hella dangerous . . . but then again, if all i do is jump in mk, divekick, or fireball then they’ll get parried. am i right? or am i just thinking too hard

^^ Sounds like you aren’t using enough neutral jumps with him. Try and develop your neutral jumping, which is basically another way of saying sharpen your air parrying. Out of all the options akuma has in the air, neutral jump is one of his best. If you land and do hurricane straight away, they can’t grab you :wink:

That would only be true if you landed outside of your opponents throw range or if you were reset mid-air:confused:

When you jump whether you stick out an attack or not you have a landing frame upon which you can be grabbed which you cannot cancel. (this does not apply to resets which eliminate the landing frame/frames)

So a well timed throw or command grab will grab you (IE the active frames of the throw overlapping with your landing frame) and incase of command grab is completely inescapable in this situation unlike a normal throw which can be teched within the 5 frame window post grab.

Now having said that Im not saying that is a bad idea or shouldnt be done but one should realize that its not gaurnteed so don’t get predictable with it.:looney:

I actually just invented my own technique with the divekicks. There are a lot of times when they’re really predictable. Typical ways to take care of this are 1) Do it either really late or really early (really late usually cause the really early almost always leaves you open afterwards) 2) Do a further divekick but fake and do a demon flip (air grab, w/e) and 3) The new technique I just invented. I’m not sure what to call it but here it is…

Instead of going through with the dive kick, hit kick when you’re right next to the ground. When you do this, the kick will startup but hitting the ground will cancel it and there won’t be any hit made. Instead it will make for a very quick landing and it will leave you free to immediately do a grab, mk hurricane (followed by hp hurricane or mp shoryu), a shoryu of some sort, or anything else that has a very fast start up time that your opponent won’t likely react to. The point of the grab is to pretty much ensure that you will fake out your opponent (anyone that somehow sees that grab coming from this deserves to win), and the point of the quick startup moves is to punish your opponent for expecting to parry a divekick by hitting them later and at a much less predictable time. It’s pretty strict timing to do this, but once you get the hang of it it’s worth it. It’s a really sweet technique and it fakes out a lot of people.

I’ve been kinda busy lately so I still haven’t made that last video that I said I was gonna make, but eventually I will get that one and this one done to show all of you guys… and when I get some solid recording stuff I will probably make an Akuma tutorial vid.

hold up guys. ur confusing me. when u say DIVEKICK are u referring to “jump forward + down mk” or do u mean “srk input + K” ?:confused:

they mean jump forward down mk. man i can’t believe i never stopped to read what my opponent was doing as you mentioned naz.

whats nice about parried air fireballs is you can often catch them with a hurricane right afterward or > hurricane, similar to the neutral jump in.

Oh wtf w/e. I don’t know the names of anything. When I was talking about my new found technique I was referring to the demon kick thing where you command him to do the certain aerial kick.

^^see, mio and pherai are talking about 2 *different *things yo. and now i dont even know what naz is talking about…:confused: i think we needa clear things up a bit.
i think we should give a name for the “jump forward + down mk” and "srk input + k"
because i cant read any of that, without getting confused about wut kick it is.:sad:

down mk is called dive kick. the other one is just demon flip kick although sometimes it is called dive kick. anyways, naz is talking about the real dive kick because in the context of his post he lists using a late fierce followed by parry or fireball to mix things up, both of which aren’t possible if you are in a demon flip.

^thanks for breakin it down pherai.

Mio- Your technique is new how:confused:

And you left out some fairly common ones IE fake meaty divekick on wakeup that goes through them (rising pre standing frame) and crouching forward from other side

etc but his divekick mixup is more limited compared to the twins version due to the fact that he only has one angle and he feels like he has more recovery on landing then the twins do.

This also limits his dive kicking short mixup due to the fact that it makes it reasonably easy for and opponent to know if the dive kick will hit or not:sad:

Clonez - what I said about the neutral jump into hurricane and them not grabbing. Well Jak is right in that if they time their grab properly, they will grab out of even a dragon attempt. But not many people will use that strict timing against Akuma simply because they’re mostly expecting you to throw something out from the air.

As for what mio was saying - you can always see the Japs doing that - cancelling the demon flip at the last moment so that as well is a neutral ‘jump’ - very useful for confusing opponents.

I remember once I was playing against a Chun Li and I was down to no energy and she had about 40%. From the other side of the screen, I did about 3 lk demon flips, all of which I cancelled as mentioned above, doing one after the other, and after the third, I did a dash in demon and won the match. I guess the whole time the Chun player was waiting to see if I would go for a whiffed divekick to place myself nicely, or go for the sweep version since it has deceptive range. I guess the sudden dash in wasn’t expected.

^that shit against chun sounds mad intense. but yeah
good advice and input from all, definately taking all of it and tryna mold it into my game.

I thought that it was new (and I mean demon flip kick now that I know the name) cause I’ve never seen it done before but maybe I’m just a noob and need to watch some more Akuma vids.

The divekick cross-up is pretty useful… I agree.

…and another thing that Ilike to do now that’s probably been done before is this: Do a demon flip kick super early in your opponent’s face, and then as you’re doing it, start to activate a kara demon so that when you reach the ground it will start up and own them in the face. It will punish them badly if they don’t react quick enough after the demon flip/divekick (either one is possible I guess).