Air game

^^ Thats a fairly common RD setup. I tend not to use it though because:

People are always looking out to parry or trade with my divekicks nowadays. They don’t want me landing next to them.

If they do block the early divekick, they can throw you before your demon comes out. Though if your f+mp comes out, and its the arcade version, you’ll get them.

They can poke you after blocking the divekick.

Still, its a good setup which I’ve seen in quite a few vids…

Ok, back at work so making some good use of my paid time :bgrin:

Against Chun - if played properly, this matchup is actually in your favour. Kinda…

You have to jump on this bitch. Mount her and don’t get off. Don’t let her get on top and ride you. And watch out for the footjobs…

Now once the ho knows when you’re gonna jump and what you’ll try, she has good counters.

Air fireballs have to be real deep - the deeper the better as that’ll keep the bitch in check. Otherwise she can actually f+fierce you which somehow places her under the fireball as she shows you that fist. Basically the air fireball should be your wall as you land - don’t think of it as something to hit her with. Chun herself is a sort of wall, but you can approach her slowly if you use air fireballs well.

Demon flip is somewhat confusing. Watch Jap vids and how Akuma just seems to totally dominate Chun with that demon flip. Then try the same on a good Chun and watch them dash under, jab you out or even air throw you!! Unfortunately I’m not sure what the ‘sure thing’ is here. I’ve just messed around with it A LOT and nowadays my demon flip success rate against good Chuns is increasing slowly. I’m very lucky in that two of London’s best players use Chun and they can usually win 70% of their games against me.

Few things to remember are:

When you reach the top of your demon flip, you have to look for whether Chun is trying to walk/dash under. In that case, cancel into divekick as early as possible and it may place you away from Chun. If she is just standing there, cancel into the dive kick at the last possible moment to actually hit. Confirm into a massive combo or into another flip setup.

If she’s developed a habit of jabbing you out, its time to use the kick or punch off the flip to trade or beat the jab. So now you’ve conditioned her to stop using jab. She still has a VERY GOOD anti flip move - cr.HK which can sometimes beat the dive kick clean if timed well. But there’s also a weird timing where she can’t use that move against you. Like I said - its confusing so just mess around with it. Even when the Chunners can punish you for it - STILL mess around with it. You WILL find some sort of strategy to using it safely against her. And tell me about it when you do :bgrin:

Back to normal jumping…

Right, so now that you’ve frustrated the hell out of Chun with those air fireballs, she’ll probably lose patience and try to meet you in the air. Not sure how many Chunners know this, but Chun can throw Akuma out of the air even when he’s doing a hurricane!! Obviously the timing has to be perfect. Anyways, the closer you get to Chun, the chances of her jumping (or you trying something to get in) increase. Fierce Dragon her out, try air hurricane if you have the guts, or do the Yuki (acho) thing and just mk them out of the air then SA1 :badboy:

Her spread eagle (straight jump HK) is also annoying and effective in terms of keeping you from jumping in. It can come out surprisingly quick as well, so don’t forget those option parries in the air. You’ll see how Chunners sometimes jump up straight as you approach them - make her land into your SA1 - otherwise just stay away since she can do terrible things to you after jumping straight.

Remember, always give preference to air fireballs against her. Even if she parries one as you land - she can’t punish you (assuming the fireball went in deep enough) so you’ve pretty much gained the advantage. Compare that to if you just pressed kick instead - she could parry and punish you text book style.

If you play against a Chun that likes to jump, stay on the ground. Dash under her jumps and fuck her from behind.

Another thing I like doing is jump up straight right next to her. Be ready to parry the jab reset or whatever she throws out then punish. Its not easy though…

Twins - the only time you should jump against them is to counter the dive kicks. Otherwise they can walk under you VERY easily. Your air game here basically has to make sure that you land safely. Experiment with your ‘take off’ and ‘landing’ points for normal jumps, super jumps, and how you can change your landing points by throwing out hurricanes or dive kicks.

Watch the Jiro vids from Uriden blog (the one where many of us first saw the true kara demon) and watch how he jumps against the twins. The point always seem to be to land in front of them and not give them a chance to walk under.

The way I go about it is to always aim my jump-in attack to be below their mid section. Specially if its a dive kick.

Abuse demon flip against them when you’re getting close. In the same way as Chun, figure out the points where your demon flip wont get dashed under.

Demon flips from more than half screen away will almost always make the twins jump. A nasty little trick I like to use is do a full screen HK demon flip, then cancel into kick very early so I land away from Yun/Yang - they’re probably in the air now so I jump towards them with an instant air hurricane. ALWAYS works for me first time against twins players.

Against Yang, avoid jump back air fireballs as he can teleport/roll under them very easily. Yun COULD do the same with EX shoulder, but I doubt they’d burn meter for that.

Urien - this dude will not usually try dashing under your jumps. His straight jump or jump away HK can really help him in the air.

Base your air game against him around a few things

You can cross him in the corner
His best anti airs are two hits - so shouldn’t be hard for you to parry.
Make sure divekicks are as deep as possible because he has some uncanny ability to grab you instantly after blocking a divekick :mad:
A nice demon trick is to do a non deep divekick and cancel the recovery frames on the ground (remember how the demon can cancel ANY non special animation on the ground) into an instant demon - Urien will have tried to grab but the demon came out :badboy: I actually think I read this in the official guide.
Don’t try parrying his jumping HK - not worth it. Use air fireballs to zone and make Urien jump - make him land into SA1 regardless of whether he jumps towards or away from you. Condition the thonged fairy to stay on the ground.
Air spheres - parry, or SA1 through it if you’re quick enough, or die since the juggle thats coming will take off more than 50% of your life…

Ken - :sad: Stay on the ground against a good Ken. Jump only to throw out air fireballs. He can dragon you out of everything else. If you do jump and don’t plan on air fireballs, get ready to parry. Once Ken gets used to your empty jumps, mix up with demon flip grabs, and actual jump in attacks.

Spamming air fireballs against Ken is a good strategy. You have to be careful - he’ll start looking for ways around it such as dashing under the fireball and hitting you as you land, or looking for the infancy of your jump and throwing out a freak EX air hurricane. Critical point - ALWAYS aim the fireballs in FRONT of Ken, not directly at him. If you happen to meet Ken in the air and manage to start parrying his EX hurricane - discharge an SA1 after the second parry :wink: And if any fucker says they already saw this, knew this, used to do this, I am gonna seriously SUPER TURBO RAPE FUCK you :china:

I tend to use divekicks to get in on Ken if I already have him in blockstun from a previous air fireball. Well, in theory he wont be in blockstun when the divekick reaches him, but not many players will be articulate enough to dragon you.

If you jumped like an idiot and are afraid that you’re gonna land into some shit, throw out a hurricane as theres a SLIGHT chance it’ll get Ken before he can shit on you, or just put him on the defensive. Cross over air hurricanes are very useful. I think the Japs know the timings on them so that they can even get small characters with it. I see this a lot in their vids, but have no idea how they do it so accurately :sad:

Makoto - this bitch is always on her period so no telling whats gonna happen with her :mad:

I tend to jump at her only after knocking her down, or if I’m really close. Otherwise I wait for her to jump first. If I see the jump early enough, I’ll go up with an instant air hurricane. Otherise I try and fierce srk her out.

Be VERY careful when it comes to crossing her up - her EX fukiage will save her and kill you.

Air fireballs aren’t too useful against her due to her crazy jump arc and hit range in the air. Not to mention that ridiculously fast dash. Only use them in your wakeup game.

Once you get close, start abusing the demon flip (if you wanna approach via the air - I tend to stay on the ground against her out of karakusa range if possible). Though she has a few ways of countering it, you have more ways of countering the counters - so this boils down to mind games again. Kinda why I stay on the ground.

Avoid jumping towards her first. Her jump away HK will keep her safe, even if you manage to parry it (I think).

Dunno if any of you saw the group stages and casuals vid from the last UK ranking battles that happened - there’s a match in there where I’m about to get perfected by a Makoto player, then made a comeback from there with next to no energy. I’m glad that one was capped :cool: Though I think he may have messed up a stun combo or something…

Any further work in this thread will just be responses to comments and questions now I guess… and if I find out any new things I’ll let you guys know.

link ? :lovin:

haha, this thread is worth reading just for laughs. solid strats though.
also, if you could give me the uriden blog link that would be nice, never been to it :confused:

Mio- The demon flip kick to kara demon works best (IMO) if you don’t hit them high due to the fact it doesn’t leave them in block stun very long (which is also why its fairly effective).

So if you hit them high with it they will most likely parry it and punish you or throw you on the landing recovery of the attack.

So in my experience a close cancelled poke into a short demon flip kick usually works best due to the opponent being a whole lot less likely to try to parry it, because of the added risk for them due to the potential combo afterward if it hits meaty.

Having them block it lower allows you recover a little bit before they have left block stun to allow you to start the twds strong so if they try to throw it whiffs and kara demon is guaranteed (arcade only of course) Id imagine this setup isn’t as good on console due to twds strong being throw able.

As for the dive kick kara demon it leaves them in hit/blockstun for a while longer requiring you to hit them high, but that usually gets the dive kick parried. Also its quite easy to do it but have them still in block/hitstun allowing them to jump out post super flash. So you might want to try meaty shin to ankle high dive kick on their walkup to dash/dash kara demon.




fukiage is anti-crossup not her ex thats anti jumping at her landing short, deep jump in, or anti short demon flip post close cancelable poke etc. She goes ex fukiage on a crossup move its most likely going to miss completely giving you a free combo.


She can also cl rh you out of demon flips which gives her a potential free dash ground crossup/mixup to either cl rh or cr fwd or throw with the latter two just to keep you honest. And as im sure most know cl.rh +cl.rh sjxx saII leaves you just about in the neighborhood of stunned:sad:

And for throwing you out of hurricane she should just parry a hit or two then throw


You left out he can sa II anything you do airborne and if you empty jump and try to parry it will probably cross you up on landing :\


Holy shit Naz’s avatar is awesome.

Just wanted to comment further on this, the late air hurricane IS fucking hard to punish (it is! I swear!).
But you’re right, you have to do it at the right range and don’t get too predictable with it ('cause they could parry that one hit hurricane and punish).

GASP You’re…you’re a…GENIUS!

Aboot the neutral jump, listen to Naz, it is one of Akuma’s best weapons!
Its optimal range is around the cr. mk range or after a blocked close mk/3 cr. lks (around those area).

The reason why neutral jumping with Akuma is so important is because of the unpredictability (with the help of his air fireball) it brings to the match to put you at an advantageous situation.

You can do several things when you neutral jump at the optimal range:

  1. late air fireball, from here you can do whatever:
    - attack with cr. mk, st. hp or whatever that can reach at the optimal range OR
    - dash in and throw/overhead/attack
    - walk up and throw/overhead/attack
    - do a demon flip kick and mix it up from there
    - jump forward and attack with a dive kick or his air normals/air hurricane or empty jump and mix it up from there
    - after the air fireball, you can neutral jump again and reset the situation
  2. air parry if you see them jumping toward you to attack
  3. neutral jump mk (best option) or another air normal if you see them jumping toward you
  4. do nothing (empty neutral jump) and maybe you can bait out a super from them

These are the four options you can do when you neutral jump.

REMEMBER: It is VERY IMPORTANT that whenever you neutral jump, BE PREPARED to react/counter with any number of those 4 options according to how YOUR OPPONENT reacts/moves to your neutral jump.

The Japanese, especially Match and Yuki Otoko are very good at this neutral jumping business.

People need to watch the match with Yuki Otoko’s Akuma against Kuroda’s Q from Co-op Cup 4.
The match is a perfect example of what to do and what NOT to do with Akuma (Yuki Otoko played tight as hell except for the few times he air fireball at the wrong moment/range and Kuroda reacted to it/took advantage and punished it with his super).

Trust me folks, watch how Yuki Otoko play in that match and you can learn a lot from it (even though he lost).

Co-fucking signed :mad:

Our new arcade setup for 3s in London has had the best 3s players here turning up for challenges. Our main Chun player, CIV, reacted incredibly well to my demon flip mixups, st.RH being one of the things he used. And yes, he followed up with cross ups and all, but fortunately I was ready for them.

Basically I’m just saying that demon flip isn’t necessarily a bad thing against Chun - you just have to use it VERY wisely.

As for Yang, I’ll take your word for it because

  1. I haven’t played many good Yangs. Most Yang’s I have played are shit because I can beat them (see below)
  2. In all the Japanese tournament vids I’ve seen of Akuma VS Yang, Akuma ALWAYS loses. I only have ONE game where Match gets a LUCKY win on Boss’ Yang. I’m not being bitter - anyone who sees the game will say the same.

Heavenly speaks the truth too - Akuma’s neutral or straight jump can be a lifesaver. Whenever I start getting rushed or I’m trying to get out of a tight situation or I want to turn the momentum of the match - I start straight jumping.