Air-Guardbreak Custom



People have probably realized this after seeing the air-guardbreak CCs for Bison and Blanka, but since Rolento’s only true anti-airguard CC can only be done near the corner I thought I’d post his guardbreak here.

The basic concept with air-guardbreak CCs is you have to land before the opponent while they are in an airguard state. You do this by making the opponent airguard a barrage of fast-hitting air attacks. With Bison, you have the luxury of the combo working if the opponent chooses not to airblock (i.e. non-C-groove opponents or C-groove opponents who either don’t hold back on the joystick or stick out a move), since the last hit is a j.strong which puts the opponent in a knockdown state, but for all other air-guardbreak CCs, the combo ONLY works if the opponent is airblocking.

Anyway, for Rolento, you want to jump at them and activate, then either hit them with

A) a barrage of j.jabs or
B) a j.jab -> j.strong chain

then, as you come down from the peak of your jump, you use a j.short to push them above you (you could theoretically use j.shorts the whole time).

So now you’ll land before them and the opponent is in airblock mode. The thing with CvS2 (and this is only a guess) is that if they are in AIRBLOCK mode, they can’t block any ground moves, INCLUDING sweeps. Note that this is different from if they empty jump without guarding anything and try to guard a sweep ON THE GROUND. In this case, tripguard is in effect, and most Rolento players will be cursing under their breaths.

By using the above sequences, Rolento can slide at the opponent and they cannot block it. Since it is a knockdown, they can be juggled across the screen. After the sweep do

[s.roundhouse, KK, scouter jump fierce]x2, [s.roundhouse, KK, scouter jump fierce-jab], (in corner) [j.strong-j.short] XX qcbx2+P

That gives you 7K damage when the opponent tries to be smart and bait an anti-tripguard CC. :cool:


Is it possible to use a scouter jump for the guardbreak? The scouter jump will be lower but you will stay in the air a bit longer.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Usually Guard Break customs don’t work well outside of corners because the air-guard pushes them too far away. The Scouter Jump reaches across the screen though, so maybe something like an early scouter jump into j.LP, then landing with c.MK or a sweep might work. I have no clue though.


Nice shit Gunter!:slight_smile:


Anything that causes the opponent to airblock and put them above you, causing you to land first, will work. Making them airblock seems to disable tripguard, allowing the sweep to connect. The three characters that benefit the most from air-guardbreak customs are Bison (obviously), Blanka, and Rolento. This is because the move that knocks the opponent down is a slide move, which closes the gap midscreen. All characters can make use of this near the corner, but characters with SLIDES benefit from it midscreen.

I know that Vega can make use of it (but because he has to launch with a s.jab, it’s not really damaging), and probably Nakoruru too (after forcing airblock, due the anti-Blanka Ball custom). Experiment with it.


so let me get this all straight.

i’m playing A-groove rolento against any C-groove and ONLY C-groove character. they jump, i scouter forward, activate, pray they block, hit jab 3-4 times, land, cr hk slide, and go on with the custom? can i also do it by just jumping at them normally?

and if they don’t airblock, you’re basically fucked right? i put the dummy on jump and no block, and a scoutered/jumped at them with jabs, and i couldn’t get anything to connect after it.

and what i quoted, you’re talking about a C-groove character right? and lets say a C-groove character jumped at you, threw out any type of normal (jab, strong, short, etc), you could still tripguard them irregardless right?

thanks. this is a very interesting concept, it’s pretty risky though. but once your opponent gets smart, this will definitely just freak them out, bc then they can’t do just about anything without eating 7000+ damage :evil:


Yes, this only works on C-Groove characters and only if they block. I condition them to block by trying j.jab anti-air when they jump. If they airblock that, then I try for the air-guardbreak CC.

The anti-tripguard CC works if they do something in the air. The air-guardbreak CC works if they jump and block. RC Knife into CC works if they do a move in the air or if they aren’t C-Groove. If you guess wrong on the air-guardbreak and they get hit in the air, land with a sweep/c.forward. If they block it, go into your guardcrush CC (slides and c.strongs). Rolento never really needs meter because he can build it so quickly. Good Rolentos are in your face making you block everything one second and then they’ll RC Runaway and build meter by bouncing the next second. Air-Guardbreak CCs just give you one more option for using your meter. You shouldn’t base your whole game around them.


Re: Re: Air-Guardbreak Custom

good stuff. do you mean AA them with a straight up jumping jab or scouter jumping jab one time to get it in their head, then go for the same situation on a different AA occasion? or do you mean they actually block a jumping jab, then activate and go for it?



I think he means he gets them accustomed to blocking jumping jabs, so the next time they believe a jumping jab is coming he does the airblock-guardbreak cc.


yea, that made more sense. damn, rolento is scary when he’s got a full bar.