(air) HP Throw Glitch?

So, I was playing Team Tokyo Breakfast (zangief/mvc wolverine/thanos by eczangief) when I had the cpu down to just Sim who was about to get finished off. I hit him out of a move with a KD and, as he got up, called Thanos capture assist as I jumped forward w/ j.:hp:

Next thing I know, Dhalsim and MvC Wolverine are both suspended in the air Matrix-style. I don’t know what factors caused this to happen, but I am assuming it is related to Thanos capture. More specifically, it may be a Venom :hp: similarity. At any rate what happened could have been:

*i saw the Death Sphere continue on, so it didn’t actually hit Sim before being thrown–which makes this unique as compared to Venom’s :hp: throw

-Sim could have jumped into Wolvy’s throw
-Sim could have started up Yoga Strike and got grabbed out of the earliest possible frames (but this would mean that Sim is considered airborne before the DHC flash, which I doubt…but it’s Marvel)
-the game had a brainfart as it tried to determine whether Sim’s sprite belonged to the Death Sphere or Wolvy?

edit: I almost forgot that Sim warps back onto his feet after KD, iirc. Hmm…this may be Sim-specific.


Of course, I had to pause the game and record this so I captured the last 20-30secs of the match on my webcam. Don’t worry, we stay suspended the entire time, and regardless of which buttons or combination of buttons I press (other than manual restart), nothing changes. I’ll return with the link.


IIRC you can freeze the game when you GB with the airthrow - you might wanna PM Mike Z bout this - I’d known wolverine could freeze the game - just was vague as to how.

EDIT - yeah PM Mike _Z as to specicfics
"Wolverine’s mount-them-forever airthrow"

:u: Ah cool, thanks for that link. There were some good reads there. Also, PM sent.

Well, the glitch was first seen (at least by me) at Midwest Championships the year that JWong first showed everyone they had no idea how to play. It happened in tournament, no less, with Wolvie doing the airthrow as a guardbreak. Oh, to be back when Wolverine mattered in a tournament… (^.^) However, I still have no idea what actually makes it happen, and this is like 7 YEARS later. Haha.

Congrats on getting the planets to align and being able to see the glitch in person!
Mike Z

Airthrowing after a GB? I’ll try it. Thing is, I don’t think Sim was GBen when it happened? Maybe more than 1 way to activate it? lol I’m going into training mode to try and duplicate it. Post up if I get anything. Thnx for the responses btw guys.

edit: Sim CAN be airthrown during his ‘get up’ warp, but the height at which he is thrown is like 1/2 of that in the vid I put up. So, that’s likely not the scenario he was thrown out of…I have GBen Sim in training mode quite a few times into Wolvy’s air :hp: throw and gotten no duplicate of this glitch. Still trying…

I wonder which character you GB when you activated the glitch in tourney MikeZ? Was that match counted as a win for you? lol

edit2: after having done so for the past 1/2 ‘unfruitful’ hour, i conclude that the glitch is not as simple as GB, air :hp: throw…maybe it’s just a random occurrence of his air :hp: throw is all?

Oh nono, it wasn’t GB->airthrow, it was kill someone, then jump towards and airthrow as the next guy came in. Sorry for the confusion. Also was vs. Sent…and wasn’t my match, I was watching. I think they counted it as a win for Wolvie after time up since he had 3 chars left. :^)

Mike Z