Air Hyper Varmint Beam! Bringing Rack 'n' Ruin to you, it is Rocket Raccoon

Surprised nobody has started a thread on him yet.

I am pretty excited for him.

Speculation has him as potentially this game’s Cable, his size added onto this and other attributes make him potentially scary. His size make him hard to punish, and he use Rocket Skates which means he should not only be really fast but also be able to fly.

A small zoner with maneuverability and speed and the ability to punish full screen for massive damage is huge.

Any RR fans out there with speculations?

Also ; he is slated to appear in the next season of the new Avengers cartoon. Would be sweet if they use the same voice actor.

I’ve been excited for him since day 1. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be the monster that he’s currently being hyped up to possibly be or everyone will flock to him the same way every damn team had Sentinel-sponsored insurance on it in MvC3…

im going to make the Iron Fist thread now…mkay?
OT: Kinda early much? No footage+ Speculation= UMVC3 general thread worthy

With people hating on UMC3 for stuff getting possibly nerfed or having to buy a new game, I thought it’d be nice to have a thread which mostly positive energy can flow from. Who can hate on a Raccoon with Rocket Skates?

It is also possible he may be more like Megaman actually. Small with guns. Maybe a bit of a mix of Megaman and Cable?

Actually just figured out who RR reminds me of ; BB Hood/Bulletta

Small, Fast, Carries all sorts of large and small weapons. He very much could play a lot like her, possibly with a Beam super similar to her Hunting super where he summons Wal Russ and/or Guardian of the Galaxy members.

Nobody started a thread on him because he wasnt officially announced by Capcom yet.

So this thread is going to get closed. And you’re probably going to get infracted. 2008 join date? Hmm, thought you knew better.

Threads gonna get closed because the character isn’t officially revealed yet.

Discussion in the UMvC3.

Call it Iron “Iron Fist” Fist.

Lazy mode ftw