Air Juggle Combo

I am having some problems connecting Hugo’s HCB HK, QCB LP, F D DF HK to work in the corner. I have landed it once out of 8 tries. Are there are clues or vids on how to align/time this combo?

If you are next to an opponent who is in the corner use all weaks:
HCB+WK>WP clap>dp+WK.

For some characters like Chun-Li and Q who are easy to juggle with this combo, you can perform the WP clap and dp+WK without much restriction. If however you are trying to do the combo on characters such as the twins, and even the shotos, you have to leave the opponent to fall to around your waist, WP clap and then immediately perform the dp+WK.

If you are trying this combo mid-screen, use the HK version of the ultra throw>dash in and WP clap>dp+WK. As far as I remember you shouldn’t be using dp+HK for this combo. Though of course if the mid-screen version doesn’t work with dp+WK, use dp+MK.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice. I actually found this out messing around right after the last post. I didn’t know about the mid - screen clap and grab. Now the main thing is to set people up for the HCB HK. Hmmm. 360 punch or HCB HK combo? Hard choice. I guess I will go with the combo for more dizzy meter potential. Thanks though. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. Besides the super art #2 instead of the dp wk. Is there any combos more damaging than the 720? I personally like the #3 just because of the gauge filling faster and its invincibility frames. One last question after this. Does Hugo have a decent Kara throw? I barely started learning kara throws. I don’t know of anyone that does them except a Makoto player. That is embarrassing having her out throw Hugo. Combo break that crap Hugo !!!

The only combo I can think of that might outdamage the Gigas Breaker is (on crouching character) Fierce clap, Strong Clap, Jab Clap, SA3. It’ll stun almost anybody if their stun meter has already seen some abuse. Hugo does have a karathrow, but there’s no point to using it. Jab 360 has more range, does better damage, is untechable, and is faster than a karathrow.

the wall throw into the clap into the air grab doesnt work on everybody. Best to use the short kick all the time. I dont even know if it works with any other kick.

hugo has a kara throw, it’s standing forward. It’s not true that you should always do the jab 360. Just cuz it takes longer to do.

I didn’t know you can do the wall throw -> clap -> air grab in mid screen. I wouldn’t try it in a real fight though. I wouldn’t mind using that combo in the corner sometimes but I think it’s just for show. Wall throw has no range and comes out slower than 360. And kara throw is a big part of Hugo’s game. You can’t always rely on his 360. It takes a lot longer to execute than his kara throw.

hmm. i’m able to do it on Ken with little sweat, but on Yun… i seem to whiff the airgrab after the claps…
now is this supposed to grab as they’re flying back from the clap or do you try for the grab as soon as possible after connecting the clap? with Yun, i can do the midstage/anywhere walltoss>dash (if necessary)>megaton, and when i do that combo, i do the megaton as humanly fast as possible after the clap…
if somebody could let me know, that’d be great. thanks!

Edited side thought:
also, what’s the timing like for the wall toss>fierce clap>towards+fierce? i haven’t been able to actually land that. I’ve altered timings on the clap, and i’ve tried different strength claps, but even when i clap so that the enemy is nearly touching the ground, i still can’t follow-up with the towards+fierce. is it character-specific?

hmm. so many juggle questions spouting from me… too much seeing Necro do mad dizzy juggles ^^
so i’m currently using neutral throw near corner when enemy has around 75-80% stun, then i do st.strong (and if they’re not stunned from the neutral throw, the slap usually puts them over the limit)… then get some cr.strong>st.strong>cr.strong>st.strong>cr.strong (well… total of 6 hits)… then get a full taunt off, then do some corner finisher such as short wall toss>jab clap>megaton/airgrab for some stupid damage + 40% stun again.
now is there a better option than that? my method of getting the last chunk of stun prior to the pre-standing dizzy seems kinda ghetto, so i’m not sure it is the best option. but the finisher after the enemy is in the standing dizzy, i believe is the strongest you can get other than having a gigas?
i could be quite wrong. been playing Hugo since my first 3S game because he’s toptier ^
^ but i just recently started doing the juggles and other mad combos with him to add to the ticks. please correct me if i’m wrong.
thanks in advance, all you manly toptier Hugo players :slight_smile:

Edit on towards+fierce juggle:
i found the timing. it’s just absolutely retarded.