Air Juggle Options?

I just started using Yun and I was wondering what air juggles are the most effective/strongest? The setups I’m talking about are for his d,df,f+p (mp and fp) and his level 3 super. Using qcf+k as a juggle is crap for damage. I’ve also noticed that rh hits twice for slightly more damage, but is there anything better? I read somewhere that you can jump jab, and then fierce while still in the air? I could never get that to work…?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

the jab fierce in the air is a command combo. It’s jab then towards+fierce.

When you jump towards the enemy to jab him, don’t you push forward anyways?

Will that combo work even if the first hit doesnt connect? (like bisons)

u can

in order to do the j. jap you have to be sure to super jump or else you jump late.