Air Normals Frame Data

so i know there are 4 pre jump frames

my question is, if you try to perform an instant air normal, do you have to add in those pre jump frames to the startup of the normal?

like say my air normal is 5 frames. is the earliest possible moment for that jump attack going to be 9 frames? or can those pre jump frames be cancelled into my jump attack so that it comes out at something earlier than 9?

Next time say the game. I’m assuming AE.

Yeah, 9 is the fastest it can be.

You aren’t airborne until the 5th frame in your jump because of prejump.

yeah, my bad. AE. tyvm.

so there must be a buffer window for air normals? no?

I think if you hit up and immediately hit a normal you’ll get an air normal immediately, yeah. But you can’t do it for most air specials because of height restrictions and/or getting grounded versions cancelling your prejump to a grounded move.