Air Parried! Chn vs Ken

Here is little fan art I put into the StreetFighter comic back months ago. One of my personal favorite renditions of the fighters, painted in acrylics. Drop a message for me!

I like it. Chun’s leg is a bit odd and I think they’ve jumped too high but that’s just me. The fact that Ken’s parrying Chun Li is also updated with the times. :lol:


that’s acrylic??? looks like colored pencil…the bg looks like watercolor. are youwatering these down a LOT or what???

Acrylics are fun to use because of the different viscosities…it can be much like watercolor or almost like oils. In this, the colors are definately watered down…the paper wasn’t heavy either, causing some warp…

heh, I had a similar reaction with regards to the medium… I initially thought you used colour pencils. I think going for a more vibrant colours would have been nicer, though.

I like a lot of the little details here and there, but they’re kinda offset by some other weaker parts of the painting:

what I think is good:

  • Cammy doing far roundhouse (or is it the end of a spiral arrow?) - nice sense of action
  • Rose looking down from balcony, with scarf draped over a nearby chair (nice attention to detail)
  • colour scheme of the pic meshes together nicely due to strong yellows.

what I think could be better:

  • perspective. The attempt at perspective makes the lapses in it very noticable… The buildings seem to be in 2-point perspective, but then the doors/windows, signs & roof just destroy that illusion.
  • Guile seems a bit stiff - perhaps lean him further backwards as he throws out the sonic boom? Makes his pose more dynamic.
  • Chun-Li’s kick doesn’t seem to have enough “oomph” behind it. I think it’s a combination of the composition and perspective that makes the kick so.