Air parry and double air jab

ive been messing around with the shotos floating jab and ive noticed something wierd. Heres the scenario. I jump with a rising jab…at the same time the opponent is jumping at me…he parries my rising jab in the air…I then can do another jab after the first one has been parried. I think i did this twice the other day. When you do a floating jab and it gets parried in the air, the animation doesnt change yet you get a 2nd hit out of it. Im not 100% sure if this is right. It was in the middle of a battle and it happened kind of fast. The 2nd hit made my neck snap so it had to be something out of place.

Or it could of been like…I jump with a rising jab…The opponent air parries it…he throws an attack…I parry his attack…I swing back with another jab while still in the air??? I know you can return a parry in the air if your move in the air was parried. Im not sure if i returned my 2nd air jab here though

just looking for a little clarity

when you do a normal move in the air and it gets parried, you have the ability to do another move if your opponent doesn’t punish you again. Just like when i do a fierce, you parry, I can actually parry your counter if your hitframe comes out after my recovery.

in this scenario, can you only parry the counter or can u block also.

Only if one of the opponents is on the ground can they block (meaning the person in the air can’t block). In the air your only defensive option is to parry. 3rd Strike doesn’t have air blocking.

In Oro’s case, you can double jump after attacking if your attack was air-parried.

Ibuki, Chun, and Oro can also try to air-grab too, can’t they?

99% sure they can, yes.