Air stun and hit trades



Do Cody have any reliable air stun moves, like Ryu have jMP and Chun has her double jHP?

And if that is the case, what are the common follow ups?

Secondly I want to know if Cody have any favorable hit trades (most likely ant-air like other chars)? And what do you follow with?

First time poster, do not flame me…


no air stun moves.

Favourable to anti-air trade with HK Ruffian kick. You can followup with MK Ruffian Kick, Crack Kick or Ultra 1 if you’re close to the corner.


No air stun, how dissapointing… Makes me dream about a new char with Chuns air strenght and Codys reliable wake-up reversals & ground normals…

Sounds promising vi HK Ruffian hit-trade. As U1 is supposed to have longer reach in AE, is it confirmed working in open-air in the AE edition?


wait, what r u smokin? O_O


Compared to Chuns only wake up alternative, the infamous EX ‘I spread my leg so wide so anyone can enter from any angle’ SBK, I prefer to choose between a solid EX Zonk, bad spray or EX CU…

However, if you come visit me I promise we can smoke some together! On my expense!


ex sbk alone is 10 times better then any option cody has, but she has also an INCREDIBLE good back and forward dash. cody’s backdash is more a “backstep” =/

ex zonk is okayish… but only vs front meaty attacks. even then it’s incredible slow and can be safe jumped / meatywhiffed etc also it’s pointless against crossups.

ex cu is useless but against command grabs - at least on wakeup.

bad spray is VERY situational. it has its use, but those are very limited. can be beaten and punished hard.

cody is bottom tier when it comes to wakeup scenarios ^^ but if u r happy about his options. I’m glad for you =)

also the best option is available to all characters: simply blocking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


NO air stuns but in terms of hit trades definitely want to work on your spacing to know what to use best. Like trading with a rh.rk nearly over your head can set you up for an ex.rk to as well as pushing them into he corner. It takes practice but it’s become pretty 2nd nature if I see I trade I’m following up with a walk up ex.rk and it usually connects…