Air Tatsu Discussion

Ive seen a lot of uryo’s matches start off with a ballsy deep air tatsu which usually hits. Any tips? Great way to get in right off the bat but I usually get AA’d.

Does her air tatsu have to be timed perfectly for a cross up?

Does the additional hit in ae put you closer to your opponent?

Also this is my first thread, hey guys :smiley:

Here’s some general things I know about air shunpuu’s:
-They are + frames on block.
-The extra hit does bring you closer in and allows you to land before they do, allowing for better oki.
-They can avoid anti airs if the opponent anticipates a normal jump in however they can easily get anti aired if it becomes obvious(i.e air shunpuuing non stop).

  • Don’t bother trying to crossup with air shunpuu midscreen, I don’t think it crosses up it acts as more of a “fake” cross up. It’s easy for players to just walk under and punish since it does have ground recovery. That being said in the corner it’s decent as a mixup.

I find your name and signature offensive good sir. Sakura is lucky to keep her full screen air tatsu.