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I’ve been watchin my Evo 2002 alot lately (only one I own) and I see ppl do a air tempest combo but I cant pull it off then I found one crouching HP, Super Jump, LP, LK, MK, Hyper Gravitation (LK), Magnetic Tempest but the timing is stupid and I can pull it off only 1 outta a million times is it possible on home systems and is it a different combo than I’m doin can it be done easier


there’s no easier way…
just cancel HG as fast as you can (before it reaches the enemy)…
but remember, this combo is mashable… in high level competition, it’ll be almost useless


If your trying to do it on the PS2 controller… Then thats pretty sad. But you probably play less chaotic fighters. Your better off learning Triple Fierce or if you use MSP you can do Magic,Tempast,h.Cancel xx Hailstorm xx. Good way to swich. Also learn ROM.


can you also do crouching LK, HK, Tempest, I did it once but that was just like twice


this is random and unreliable if you’re talking about otg. put in a hypergrab to be on the safe side.

if you’re having trouble doing the hypergrab xx tempest cancel, skip it and learn the psylocke unmashable. you don’t have to be as fast for this, and it does more damage and is guranteed. plus you can have a otg followup for more damage. and it’s also the first step towards rom, which is important for mags to know.


ok, a few, better magneto combos that you can work on…

chp, sj, hp, addf, hp, hk, land, chk

five fierce combo, on standard damage (cable) it does
13, 13, 13, 12, 11 - 62 / 141 damage, aka about 40% life

as for tempests… if you have psylocke, u can get an easy unmashable tempest off…

unmashable tempest #1: the beginner…
dash, clk+call psylocke, clk, psyhits, tempest

unmashable tempest #2: you’re getting there…
clk, chp, sj, hk, addf, lk, lk, land, psylocke, lk, tempest

unmashable tempest #3: wow… (i only did this about 3/4 times…)
clk, chp, sj, hk, addf, lk, lk, rom, dash under, reset, call psylocke, tri jump over, tempest.


sorry about this topic but I was messin wit that OTG Tempest combo wit the opponent in the corner and I s. HK’ed them outta the tempest :wtf:


sometimes they’ll be high enough that u can do that…

once i did…

clk, chk, tempest, lp, lp, rom

it’s really random, and not something you should rely on at all


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Random, but anybody get colosus to freeze when he’s on point with no assists. I did it somehow by method of fierce throw then hypergrav and then snap out. . . I can’t get it to work anymore tho. He just ends up floating with the hypergrav as if he didn’t get snaped.

btw… this is really useless, so don’t bother if yur looking for strats.

random… clops infinite is fucking hard man.


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when he super charges with his armor, hp throw, and snap out. he dissappears. the only time it freezes is on the ps2 version, and possibly the xbox versions. the dreamcast and cade versions, he just dissappears and reappears when he starts to move again.

and clop’s infinte isn’t as hard as amingos :slight_smile:


Mag/Tron [g]

lk+Ton, lk, hyper grav xx tempest

Unmashable, has a hyper grav, and does CRAZY damage.

Hyper gravs are hella mashable in the air, so you gotta compenstae for either the time they’re in it, or them being in it period.

In some of Mike Z’s vids when he does hyper grav xx tempest the DHC into Gamma crush. Unmashable Gamma crush also, and I believe it is a double crush? Gotta look into that.

One of my favored combinations of Mag/Strom, do air combo into hyper grav xx tempest, wait for a few shards to form then DHC hail. The tempest shards AND hail will ht for crazy damage, depending on how you time the DHC. There’s a small time to cancel before they mash out and you can still get a lot of tempest to connect, since the super keeps hitting when Mags leaves.

my .02


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Yeah, the shit is pretty cool though. You grab his ass with a [fp], snap back, doesn’t matter which one because he’ll get snapped out, then jumps back in without his super armor. Super armor gets annoying though because if he like 4 fucking meters, he’ll just activate that shit again and you don’t have meter to be wasting on snapping his ass out every time so you’ll have to guard break his ass on the way back in. Either that or kill him as soon as possible.


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I’m not referring to the dissapearing act… or about the game freeze either (if you’re talking about the PS2/Xbox glitch that freezes the entire game)… I play the game enough to know about that stuff lol. When I say freeze, I meant that the game is still running, however colossus is frozen where the comp can’t do anything… I was able to do some weird combos on him in that state.


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i play both arcade stick,deamcast and PS2 controller and i find the controllers PRETT-DAMN-EASY:lol:


whenever i use mag and i do this you should see me cancel the hg it’s really fucking funny