Air Throw and Kara Air Throw

Alright this is kind of a stupid question but its been bothering me for months. Can someone explain the properties of the air throw to me? Meaning, Ok , when I use it I have mixed results, sometimes its fine, and sometimes I get beat out by all sorts of things at weird times. Is it the same as her regular throw, meaning do they have the same range?
And how about the Kara version? Does it have as dramatic a range increase as the ground version? If so I definatly need to add this to my game. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance! :karate:

I think the air kara is with FP, but I don’t know about the range increase. I’ve tried it a few times, and I never saw much difference… I could be wrong though.

Im almost positive the best air kara throw is off MK just like the ground, not positive but almost. Although you can do it off of any move , I think MK is the best. I dont know why I havent tried this myself lol, Ill try later and post back.

Oh, maybe that’s why I never saw any difference in range. If I get bored enough I’ll go try it with a MK.