Air Throw -vs- Air Throw

Guile and Cammy seems to beat me all the danm time, dunno if cuz of their low jump or are their air grab more spicy than ours. whats the deal.

while we at it, what does air throw “beat” anyways, i know it has high priority I use it usually to beat cross-ups, is it just as simple as doing it before they do something

Well I know that because you can’t tech air throws I believe it comes down to whoever does it first within the closest range, that or there is some priority I’m unaware of.

I seem to lose to Cammy/Guile as well, but it could just be my timing compared to theirs.

If possible you should test this off line bacause of lag online. I fight my friend who plays guile and it seems to me it’s whoever jumps last is who would get the throw.

I would appreciate it if someone can confirm this in general, among the characters with air throws, do they all have the same priority, or is it different?

PS. @ Devil-Trigger: NOTHING is more spicy than our great luchador :bgrin:

its just my opinion based on my experience, i think guile’s air grab has the most priority

I tend to grab Cammy out of her Hooligan throw, but I think except Guile’s no beats Fuerte

There’s no such thing as throw priority. There is range and speed.
If you look at you can see that Cammy’s air throw has 1.0 range, Chun Li 1.1, El Fuerte 1.15, Vega 1.2 and Guile 1.25.
So you will always lose to Guile in the air unless he is pressing throw too late.

This much is true it all comes down to reactions also if you jump later then the other person you will most likely win. Air grabs have crazy priority, theres nothing funner then run/stop/neutral jump/airgrab a bison who tries to ex headstomp out of your mix up all the time

oh cool, thx

WOW this is some really good information. i played a guile for a considerable amount of time on friday (offline) and no matter how hard i tried i couldnt beat him to the airthrow and i was unaware so i kept trying i eventually thought one of the buttons might have been broken.

Try LK guacamole, amigo.