Air throws, cover assists, crouching lows beating jumps, and advancing guard baiting


Four things really bothering me on a general character level. One, Weskers and other players have a tendency to randomly air grab out of nowhere. This tends to make playing as divekickers (Wolvie, Doom) and air-smashers (Hulk). It’s unpredictable and limits my air approaches greatly.

Secondly, it’s really hard to do anything against someone who’s got an Iron Man or Dante cover. Just when you think it’s safe to go in for a combo, they’ve knocked you right out of it with their cover.

Third, I try to back-jump away, I still get hit by a low. But why? I’m in the air and I’m blocking.

That leads me to #4, which also strongly involves corner game. How do I get someone off of me if they’re delaying their moves purposely to bait an advancing guard and take advantage of a reset?

  1. If you’re playing Wolverine, stay on the ground and learn plink dashing. His ground movement is fast enough and his normals with a beam can out footsie Wesker. Isn’t much reason to be in the air. With Doom just stay up at super jump height all of the time where Wesker has trouble converting from. Lame him out with photon shot and use your air dash movement and j.M or foot dive to keep him from attempting air grabs.

  2. Just have to learn how to play the counter call game. If the A1/A2 blue letters are not darkened, that means they can call their assist and you need to wait for them to use it or force them to block your assist so you get a clear for a mix up. Long story short, find a way to get them in block stun with an assist since they can’t call assist during blockstun. Which leads to mix up.

  3. Chicken blocking is already strong in this game and that’s a purposely integrated system to keep you from jumping out of mix ups all day. If you’re not high enough in the air a low hit will still hit you low and consider you grounded. To get high level in this game you’re going to have to learn to sit and block a few things before you get a clear to jump or pushblock.

  4. Similar to 3. Just going to have to learn to sit and block like fighting games without pushblock. The pushblock in this game pushes people far away so as long as you’re not dead in the corner and you’re not blocking an assist, blocking a bit longer to see their attack pattern gives you time the make the correct pushblock. Rather than falling for the first fake normal.


You have wolverines idea a bit wrong. You can use doom beam to protect you on the ground, and their isn’t any reason to super-jump with him unless your opponent is already at the top of the screen, and even then it’s dependent on the character you approach. As an example, not much reason to be super-jumping at doom because his projectiles will keep you down, and footdive is always scary. Wesker however, as deviljin mentioned, doesn’t have many conversions at SJ height, so you could get up their to either dive-kick him or throw him, but his teleport down to the ground makes your SJ unsafe. Try to move to about midscreen and call dr. doom while he is guaranteed to be in it (normal jumping or falling to you from super-jump, or if he’s teleporting down, your looking at a free combo). This is your time period to move in, using crouching lights and dive kicks to pressure him. calling beam and immediate berserker slash is safe because of beam, and can convert into a combo easily, or using berserker slash without beams protection is ok provided you have the meter to spend on berserker charge, which will recover you to convert if you hit.

A super-jump while wesker is on the ground, or if he teleports down before your SJ makes it to him is very unsafe for wolvie. wolvie has no-good air movement, but he can change the rate of his fall with divekick while putting a hitbox out, or you can use drill claw to make it harder for him to stay near your landing spot. Avoid this situation either way as much as you can, and force the opponent to play your ground game. Watch tournament vids of justin wong or pr rog and try to understand the reason behind everything they do, and try to take that knowledge into your wolvie play.

With hulk, make strong use of his grounded armor attacks, H, f+M, gamma charge with a cover assist to get in. SJ’s are very risky with hulk because he can’t change his landing position once in the air, so best to avoid doing that. Normal jumps are fine, but keep in mind they can be reacted to and a player can even still jump and grab you the moment he see’s you jumping without any cover. Watch kaneblueriver tourney vids for good hulk play.