Air throws

Hi I dont think i have seen tis happen before but what happens if two charcaters air throw at the same time. so if say chun li and cammy jump towards each other. does one prioretize the other in mid air.

I think it comes down to who ever is in each other’s range first and who ever gets their active frames off first.

Combination of the 2.

If it was 3s, it would be a tech…

Ahh thanks. i wasnt sure if you could tech air throws. so is there an order for which charcater has priorety over which when it comes t this

Everyone else

El Fuerte (way down here)

He just said it has to do with hitboxes and not priority

Also, there is no measurement of priority.

If I’m not mistaken but priority is the combination of startup, active, and recovery frames as well as the instant it was inputted. For a move to “out prioritize” another, it’s active frames need to hit the other character while the other character is still in startup animation. Trades obviously happen when both parties active frames overlap, and obviously counter hits are when active move hits the opponent beginning in recovery frames.

Counter hits happen when your active hits their startup, not recovery.

I haven’t seen what happens when 2 air throws collide on the exact same frame, I’m thinking either they both fall backwards and take no damage or both throws whiff. Do air throws have throw invincibility? I don’t have the hitbox videos.

Chun li’s vs. Cammy’s air throw: Chun li will win 100% if done at the same time because Chun li’s air throw hits on frame 3 like all other air throws while Cammy’s hits on frame 5.

If Cammy does her air throw early she will usually lose anyway, probably do to range of the throws. On the ground Chun has the longest throw range and Cammy has the shortest in game so seems to be the same in the air too but I couldn’t find her air throw in the hit box videos. I do it real early to jump happy guile and Chun and if they air throw on reaction very late I lose all the time before a wiff or anything comes out, so is probably hit box.range priority too.

All other air throws are whoever is first then it may go by range if done at the same time and they are kind of even but it seems Ibuki’s defensive air throw is random as to how low it can be done.

Guile has two and one of those has the biggest hit box so he can always do it early so his is the best.