Air-to-Air Combat


I was wondering if any of you could enlighten me on fighting in the air. I notice that a lot of you guys are using stuff like j.b-Roundhouse and shit, which are normals that I never ever use.

I know that j.Strong is a good poke if the two of you are parallel in the air. And I know that j.Forward is a good poke if you are above your opponent in the air and want to push him back.

What are some of the other normals you guys are using when you’re airborne, and in what situations should I be looking to break them out?

jump with LP mixup trap with ultra.

Iat Back+MK, when you appear on top of the guys.

Mummy drill (the one with hp). I use sometime for AA against some character.

Thanks for the response Tomle!

I’m specifically looking for advice on how to use my normals when we’re BOTH in the air though!

jumping mp will shut down pretty much all jumpers. It’s pretty useful against Zangief, Vega, and C. Viper when you want to anti-air them and have them get the hell away from you. Works pretty well if you have a fireball out cause then they’re usually forced to jump if they want to avoid (if they focus attack, you can hit them with fierce).

against Gief, use always when you see he’s jumping. He can only do jd.hp but the time is strict and you should win.

This is not air vs air but it isn’t known and very useful for me:

against dictator, when you’re in air and he tries to punish with (150 dmg!!), use jb.lp instead of an instictive j.hp! a real luxury! :rofl:

dosent zangieffs superman jump attack beat j mp?

oh sorry thats what you ment i thought you wer talking about gieffs headbutt, i always loose against that air2 air i dont think its strickt

jumping lp beats dictators s hk?

Y’know gore, your post reminded me of something I think you in particular might be interested in (i know you’re into sorta innovative Dhalsim shit!)…

Also not at all air-to-air:

I recently watched a replay of Evil Rahsaan’s Sim on XBL, and he was using the really typical Dhalsim strategy of jumping in and mixing up with j.fierce/back teleport in order to confuse the opponent into either blocking or throwing out a high recovery DP type move…

Eventually, he had fucked with his opponent to such an extent that they were scared to DP at all, and were just standing there ready to block a j.fierce. But instead of throwing long arms, Rahsaan started to jump all the way in on his opponent and cross-up with j.b-Forward! Shit crossed the opponent up the same way that Ryu’s j.forward crosses up opponents! And that cross-up leads into s.b-forward xx flame…

Not for the feint of heart, but its a hella cool/unexpected option on the table.

Jumping H. Kick is really good too and does more damage than J. m.p. You have to throw it out earlier and it works best if you’re slightly under the opponent.

Jumping roundhouse is what I use against Gief.

It beats lariat clean and the strange upward angle is offset more-or-less by Gief’s massive hitbox.

But during your jump and landing frames, cant the Geif recover and then just close the distance between the two of you? Sim’s jump is so floaty, you can do a j.HP and hit a Shoto but they can still DP you on the way down. I think the best option is just to cr.XX, whatever you want. Sweep beats it, d.HP beats it, anything hitting low beats it pretty much. Heck if theyre close enough go for the Short Slide xx Super. is a very good poke against jump heavy characters like rufus and gen. I’m also pretty successful with it if my opponent is one poke away from losing, since they’re usually turtling far away and too scared to do anything.