Air to air fierce > stungun : how should one react?



i’m not a big alex player, but i use him occasionally. i stick with stungun because i choose alex against scrubs anyway =/

now to the point… after you land an air-to-air fierce and do a fierce/strong stungun to catch the opponent as he lands, is there really a way to escape?

i tried this in practice mode at home… i tried jabbing, DPing, jumping, dashing… just can’t seem to escape.

now alex is one of my main char =P w00t


see that’s the thing…I don’t know myself. I’ve done it to my brother, he couldn’t escape, but he’s never tried it on me, so I couldn’t practice.

Ppl rarely jump at me anymore when I use Alex. A backdash might work. Or a super art like shinsho. Apart from that, dunno.


SHORYUKEN !! DENJIN !! :stuck_out_tongue:

got the clue ??


it won’t escape if you does that when opponent got cornered …
even you anti-air with standing strong and cancel into any type of stung gun EXCEPT fierce , it will hit …

in the open space , sometime it miss … whether it is strong/fierce stungun

reasons :
2.opponent jump backwards when alex just landed …
4.makoto’s dash in …
5.ken whamed my stungun capture with a standing-forward and i actually missed the grab ???

so the problem is , is it executed too slow or not fast enough ??

standing strong as anti air and Cancel into strong stungun …
alex turned into a freefrag … for shotos

P.S have you seen alex grabbed the opponent’s head during a jump-up launch animation when alex’s stungun about to reach ??

that was sad … haha ( this occur as a stungun wake-up on the opponent when who tries to attempt a throw , shoto’s c.forward , or hurricane … need more prove though , and can be stop …by a jab )

edit : that’s what Tin did that to me on my stungun with his ryu’s shoryu XX denjin X_X


u not getting it…
i mean
when both him and your stungun lands at the exact same time… is it escapable?


So wait, you mean wilst you an the opponent are in the air you hit him with a j.hp (air chop) and as soon as you land you throw out a hp stun gun to see if it catches the opponent while still in the air or when he lands. No, this doesnt work, opponent can jump or most likely punish you but this is only if what I said is true.

Good way to get it in though especially in the corner is his air claw(j.lp) and doing lp stun gun as soon as you land. This is punishible but the timing is kinda strict though so watch out.


well , i’ve been attemt lot’s of miss stungun set up lately …

if alex’s rolling sprites touches the opponent’s sprites in the air , alex’s sprite forces it to push the opponent sprites and both landed together …

and it’ll hit , no matter the opponent landed 1st …

can’t escape , the super must contact with the opponent on air … so is unescapable

sometime , nothing will happen … is bizarre that both landed together but alex did not grab it …


what i’m saying is, your stungun frames overlapping his landing frame. and u can’t tech/parry/block it. i guess that makes it unescapable unless it misses


yeah overlapping the opponent’s landing frame , it sure get’s hit by it … no escape

i would like to try it , how was it done again ? to make this stugun setup completely unescapable ??