AirbrushKing Houston TX Tournaments (SSBB Series Finale on 3/28/2009) is an OFFICIAL SPONSOR for any video game tournament/event. AirbrushKing is not affiliated with Planet-Zero alias PZ and is located in Houston Texas.

AirbrushKing Venue

Play N’ Trade
9319 Hwy 6 South Space B
Houston Texas, 77083
United States

Store PN# (281)-933-4263

Play N’ Trade Current Series:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008 Nov-March 2009)

AirbrushKing Smash Bros. Brawl Series Vol.1

Current Champions Rankings that are in the finals party happening on (March 28)

Badnewsbear (Weekly)
Fliphop (Weekly)
Gnes (Monthly)
Jerm (Weekly)
Bivi (Weekly)
Marveyn (Monthly)
Mr.3000 (Weekly)
T-Rex (Weekly)
Ozz (Monthly)
Trela (Weekly)
Seiya (Weekly)
Stiltz (Monthly)
Romeo (Weekly)
Axe (Weekly)

Series Details: For more information about the series, Click/Go to–>

(((To all Smash Bros. players, support this series so we can have a Vol. 2)))

All tournament results will be submitted to the RANKING SYSTEM to determine the #1 Ranked Champion in the State of Texas. All CITES and STATES are welcome to play in the series.**

(Rules and Regulations)


Registration begins at 12:00 Noon
Late Sign up’s begins at 1:30pm
Tournament begins at 2:00pm

((IMPORTANT: We will NOT except any sign up’s after 2:00pm so be ON TIME))

Entry Fee
$5$ (2nd and 3rd/Week in the month)
$10$ (4th Week/End of the month)


((Guaranteed if 20 players or MORE signup))

2nd and 3rd/Week in the month

1st Prize $50 Store Credit + Name On Poster
2nd Prize $25 Store Credit
3rd Prize Swag

4th week/End of the month

1st Prize $100 Store Credit + Interview and Photoshoot
2nd Prize $50 Store Credit
3rd Prize Swag

((Guaranteed if 20 players or LESS sign up))

2nd and 3rd/Week in the month

1st Prize 60% Store Credit + Name On Poster
2nd Prize 30% Store Credit
3rd Prize 10% Store Credit + Swag

4th week/End of the month

1st Prize 60% Store Credit + Interview and Photoshoot
2nd Prize 30% Store Credit
3rd Prize 10% Store Credit + Swag

Special Prizes sponsored by and



Single Elimination: (Ran on 2 tvs)
If 15 or more players register

Double Elimination: (Ran on 4 tvs)
If 15 or less players register


Time limit:

Winner of best 2 out of 3 advances to the Grand Finals being best out of 5



Final Destination
Yoshi Story
Lyat Cruise


Luigi Mansion
Frigate Orpheon
Battleship Halberd
Delfino Plaza
Pokemon Stadium 1(Melee)
Jungle Japes
Castle Siege
Green Hill Zone

(Banned Stages)

Mushroomy Kingdom
Mario Circuit
Bridge of Eldin
Rumble Falls
Pokemon Stadium 2
Port Town
Wario Ware
Distant Planet
New Pork City
The Summit
Shadow Moses Island
Donkey Kong Arcade
Spear Pillar
Mario Bros.
Flat Zone 2
Great Sea
Rainbow Cruise

No Stalling
No Glithes
No Chain Grabs after 3 for (ALL CHARACTERS). 3 or more chain grabs will result in disqualification.


Its going to be a fun/great tournament so come out and support us. Last tournament had 30-35 people in attendance so get there early to sign up. See you there…

Coming Soon:

Play N Trade Street Fighter 4 Series (Kick-Off April)

2D Console Center/Digital Dimension Gaming

(Location Coming Soon)

Details: Digital Dimension Gaming will offer classics and the latest fighting games only for consoles. This venue will give the players an opportunity to run there own tournaments using the venues equipment.

Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Street Fighter 3rd Strike
Capcom Vs Snk 2
Mario Cart
Halo Series (1-3)
Call Of Duty Series (1-4)
Tekken Series (1-5)
King Of Fighters Series (1-11)

And Many More…

Tournaments Sponsored:

Smash Bros. Brawl

HOBO - 06/8/2008
Play N Trade - 06/28/2008
GameStop - 07/5/2008
HOBO - 07/26/2008
Play N Trade - 08/2/2008
Play N Trade - 08/23/2008
Play N Trade - 08/30/2008
HOBO - 09/6/2008
HOBO - 10/4/2008

Prizes Sponsored:

AirbrushKing Custom airbrushed brawl logo shirt
AirbrushKing Custom airbrushed brawl logo hat
AirbrushKing Custom airbrushed brawl logo zip bag
AirbrushKing Custom airbrushed brawl logo school bag

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Contact Info:

Official Website: WWW.ABDK.NET
Email: [EMAIL="Ai



Yahoo: Airbrushall_stars

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if you’re expecting a good amount of people, i doubt you can hold the tournament in under 2 hours…remember the galleria closes at 9pm. especially being ‘pay to play’…even if it is single elimination…

single elim ftl

Yea I can actually. They extended the Tilt arcade hours to 11pm. So even if there is a 100 players we use all 4 marvel cabinets and the tournament starts at 7pm. So thats like 4 Hours to run a single elimination tournament.

i think there is enough time to do double elimination since theres a lot of cabinets

single elimination is really really bad

Unfortunately time doesn’t allow us to do double elim. Example: If 150 players sign up at double elim and we use all 4 cabinets then we wont have enough time to run the tournament. 1st thing I dont want to see is if we get alot of players and the tilt is ready to close and the players haven’t finished the tournament matches. See when I do Single Elim its time safe so that way if we do get alot of players we can still run the tournament without having to worry about the time. If these series of tournaments go very well and I get good numbers with the support of the MVC2 community then I will try my best to input double elim for next years Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Galleria Series Vol. 1 2009. More $$$/More Prizes/More Sponsors. Until then Enjoy the tournaments:tup:

meh single eliminations…

I updated the thread to accommodate everyone that has been asking me questions.:woot:

Well im in town for the week, might go to this…even tho i suck at this game lol

Unless it’s double elimination all the time, don’t expect many people to continue to show.

I hear about these weeklies all the time and would like to attend, but not for single elimination; especially if I have to drive a ways to get there. Marvel is too random for that.

You’re guaranteed more players with double elimination. 4 cabinets running all tourney can really be played out in about 3 hours easy, especially with help running them.

Just my two cents though.

Ok. The other 2 cabinets that marvel is running on, the sticks are not that good. I spoke with district manager and he is ordering new sticks for 2009 just for marvel. I can see if he can move 1 of those cabinets that dont have good sticks and suggest that they need to be fixed so we can add it as a cabinet to be used in the tournament. Also about double elim. The reason I have a cap on it is because the players voted 1 cabinet to run the tournament on because the sticks are to loose on the other cabinet. The sticks will be fixed this weekend. Do this, go to the galleria this weekend and try the sticks out. If there are fine and all of the players like it then I will see if I can increase the cap numbers to 20 or 25 with double elim. Just trying to be time safe. Keep in mind the galleria tilt does close at 11pm.

(((Series Finale Super Smash Bros. Brawl Houston TX Tournament)))

Play N Trade Mar 28, 2009/View Front of the thread for more details